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To: Gov. Pat McCrory

Gov. McCrory: Release Emergency General Election Funds Now

Now that Early Voting plans are settled, tell Gov. McCrory that he needs to take swift action and release special funds to help our counties administer fair elections this fall!

Why is this important?

North Carolina's Governor Pat McCrory and legislative leadership have spent millions of our taxpayer dollars to defend unconstitutional legislation like the 2013 Monster Voting Law. Now that the U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals has struck down this law designed to disenfranchise Black voters and others, it's time they use our tax dollars to help everyone vote.

They lost their bid to suppress the vote. Now it's time to pay the price and release the funds to support fair elections.

During this hot, high-turnout election season that now has no photo ID requirement and allows Same-Day Registration during the 17 days of Early Voting, election officials in every county are scrambling to craft new Early Voting plans and staff them for an extra week. In addition, they must recruit and train more poll workers, and update vital voting resources – all to prevent long lines and mass confusion at the polls. We’re heading for a train wreck in the 2016 General Election unless counties have the resources to staff the extra week of voting and educate voters about their options in this new landscape.

Tell Gov. McCrory that he needs to take swift action and release special funds to help our county election officials do their job of administering fair elections.
North Carolina, United States

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