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To: FL Governor Ron Desantis

Tell FL Governor Ron DeSantis to freeze Rent, Mortgage, Bills & Tolls during Corona Virus.

We need Governor Ron DeSantis to execute an order to freeze all Rent, Mortgages, Bills for all Floridians who don't have thousands of dollars in their bank accounts and depend on every dollar, live paycheck to paycheck, to make ends meet. Devastated Floridians are being forced to pay rent, mortgage, and bills even after losing their jobs instead of using the little they have left to feed their families. The bills are being extended to 60 days instead of being frozen so no one has to pay bills that continue to accumulate when Floridians need to focus on their health and family. The State shouldn't be charging tolls making millions on the hour when all monies must be allocated for necessities. States like CA, NY, MN, and others their governors are stepping up and providing relief to their residents by exercising their power to do the right thing. Meanwhile, Governor DeSantis continues to collect his salary paid by Unpaid Floridians whose Unemployment claims keep getting denied.

The time is NOW, not tomorrow, we need an effective Governor to take action when it's needed.

Why is this important?

Our goal for this petition is to help all of Floridians during the Corona Virus outbreak who are facing hardship such as immobilization due to hospitalization, sickness, being laid off without severance package or permitted to use PTO. The businesses receive government relief before its people- leaving people vulnerable. It'll take weeks even months before our constituents receive the stimulus. The stimulus distribution will only help cover human necessities (replenish food, medicine, gloves, masks, gas, etc) not to pay rent, mortgage, bills, and tolls.

How it will be delivered

I will email and deliver the signatures as well.



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