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To: Management at Norfolk Walmart Supercenter and Suffolk Walmart Supercenters

Black People Are Not Wired to Steal

Black People Are Not Wired to Steal

In at least three Virginia Walmart stores, African-American hair products are held in locked displays, while non African-American hair products, particularly those products which feature white women and men on their packaging, can be more easily accessed in unlocked displays at these stores.

Black people make up 46% of Walmart's workforce, and the Norfolk and Suffolk communities that Walmart serves are 40% Black. That's why Walmart's decision to padlock these goods is so insensitive and racist. It sends a completely false message that Black people are wired to steal. Sign this petition demanding that these Virginia Walmart managers unlock these products and reverse their racist prevention loss practices.

Why is this important?

Walmart Supercenters in Virginia's Norfolk and Suffolk communities have locked up haircare products marketed to and purchased largely by African-American consumers. That is, while hair products for non-Black hair remain free of such restrictions. By bolting Black hair care products to store shelves, Walmart assumes that its African-American employees and customers are more likely to steal such products than their white counterparts.

We do not contest that loss prevention is an important issue. But theft-proofing only African-American hair products is not the solution. Unfortunately, all Walmart stores experience theft. But targeting Black haircare products exclusively is not only racist but petty when you consider that these haircare products cost much less than some of the non-locked items in the stores, like golf clubs.

As Suffolk City Council Member Curtis Milteer, reminds us: “Walmart has the right to protect their merchandise, but if there is discrimination, it should be corrected.” We are calling on the managers at the Suffolk and Norfolk Walmarts to stop this discriminatory practice immediately. Black people make up 46% of Walmart's workforce, and the Norfolk and Suffolk communities Walmart serves are 40% Black. If Walmart truly considers itself part of our Virginia community, you all will reverse this racist loss prevention practice today.

Thank you,
Making Change at Walmart

Reasons for signing

  • my money spends like everyone else, why should I take the abuse
  • If I had to wait to find an employee that has time to come and open a case just so I could make a simple hair product purchase and others didn't (especially during the busy holiday season) I would not want to do at that store. Besides bring discriminated against, this is just wasting my time and my time is s valuable to me as anyone else's is to them! This is simply ridiculous!!!
  • It's time that we stop profiling and stereotyping African Americans.


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