To: In the early 1900s was slaves was given land grants and once the all companies came in, they were ran off their properties by the Ku Klux Klan. The only person can give us back. Our land is the governor of Texas Greg Abbott

The Blackshear land in Trinity County and more

Governor Greg Abbott hip my family enjoy is heir property in the city of go to Texas Trinity County not just there is other land. Also your name along to Alexander Fletcher, approximately 80 acres or more, which pacifically stated in a letter from governor of Tx in 1940.

Why is this important?

Governor Abbet recently was previous to read a letter from the governor in 1940 stating the property that a question was indeed, my great great grandfather land, but it has been sold, and I need your help to recover our property if any monies from the sale of the lumber that was on our land Mineral rights to our land where all companies in Wales indeed are libra visors so the town water supply and I need your help in doing so really I have Ayres my relatives have ass which should’ve been the three sisters who have passed away and didn’t enjoy it and I want that one send that one day on the property because it was not allowed back there so as a voting, Citizen of Texas which I am proud to be please stand up and show some compassion and help me and my family and I have his back. Thank you.
United States

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