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To: Del Harvey, Twitter VP of Trust & Safety

Twitter, Bring Back Ben Faulding

This campaign has ended.

Twitter, Bring Back Ben Faulding

Please review the permanent suspension of Ben Faulding (@TheHipsterRebbe) after false charges of Twitter Safety violation and reverse his suspension.

Why is this important?

Ben Faulding (@TheHipsterRebbe) is a celebrated voice on Twitter whose study in social work, writing, Judaism, politics and culture is valued by progressive, Black, and Jewish communities.

His personal accounts of being targeted and almost killed by police, his pieces in The Washington Post, The Jewish Forward and other major publications contribute to a dialog that is much needed, which is why he had a Twitter following of nearly 30K and popular Tweets numbering nearly 10K.

Ben has also been cited in publications like The Root, Blavity, Jewish Telegraph Agency, Haaretz in conversations where his rare voice is required.

Outside of Twitter, because of this ban, many of his quotes published by other journalists are directing people to broken links or otherwise missing or broken.

Voices of Jews of Color are marginalized by society, and often targeted by racists and antisemites, together, on a daily basis. By banning Ben Faulding, Twitter threatens to further marginalize an important Black Jewish voice at a critical time when the Black Jewish community is in danger, and when both Black and Jewish communities are being harmed even while praying.

We urge you to review his offending post and realize that it was judged out of context and reported with aim to do harm. And for his trouble, please consider verifying his account to protect him from fake identities using his name that have cropped up that promote racist and antisemitic attacks.

Thank you.

PS, to view the reported Tweet visit

The tweet was a comedic response to a man who was attacking a Jewish woman writing about her experience in camp where soldiers would say Islamophobic and anti-Palestinian things to children. That man oddly went on to say he went to sailor camp to diminish the importance of her experience. In the context of a "sailor's" attacks on her, Ben simply wrote "Go jump off a boat binch".


Reasons for signing

  • It is absurd that Ben's account got suspended. He is constantly harassed and threatened by actual nazis for standing up for what's right. Please reverse this decision asap.
  • The voices of Jews of Color need to heard, now more than ever!
  • Whenever we see rules against harassment and hate speech they always target the victims instead. Twitter, Do better.


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Thank you everyone! This campaign was a success thanks to you!! Ben is back!

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For details on why he was banned:

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To follow Ben's writing

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