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To: Speaker Michael Madigan and Governor JB Pritzker

Chicago Votes: Unlock Civics

This campaign has ended.

Chicago Votes: Unlock Civics

We are working at the intersection of organizing and advocacy to ensure that people affected by the American legal system have access to their civic rights and responsibilities. We need your support in signing on to our Unlock Civics legislative platform for 2020!

Sponsor: Senator Omar Aquino
Ensures Judges receive quarterly training on racial bias, child abuse, and the impact of trauma on youth brain development.

Sponsor: Senator Robert Peters
This bill provides that no person who is qualified and able to serve as a juror may be excluded from jury service on the basis of a previous criminal record.

HJRCA0033 & HB4377
SPONSOR: Representative La Shawn Ford
Clarifies language in the IL constitution to allow people in prison to vote.

SPONSOR: Senator Celina Villanueva
Establishes that after serving 20 years, a person is eligible to have their case heard in front of the Parole Review Board.

Sponsor: Senator Robert Peters
Expands the state minimum wage to include people serving a sentence at the Illinois Department of Corrections.

Stevie Valles
Executive Director

Jen Dean
Deputy Director

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Why is this important?

DIRECTLY FROM PEOPLE MOST IMPACTED: The 2018 National Prison Strike listed as a top priority "An immediate end to prison slavery. All persons imprisoned in any place of detention under United States jurisdiction must be paid the prevailing wage in their state or territory for their labor."

Jury qualification: 42 percent of Illinois’ population has a criminal record or arrest record, which can be an impediment to serving on a jury. The total population of Black males with a felony on their record is equivalent to 55% of the black adult population (Chicago Urban League 2002). A goal of this bill is to have more diversity and representation in jury selection.

There are approximately 4 million people in Illinois who have a past criminal record, all of whom are eligible to vote in Illinois. Yet, many of these citizens are not aware of their right to vote. We believe this right should be expanded to people detained inside prison.

In Illinois, over 5,600 men and women are sentenced to die in prison. No one should have to die in a cage.

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Reasons for signing

  • Power to the people.
  • I signed because I think the justice system in the us bs and those who were wrongfully thrown in prison for the color of their skin shouldn’t be out and free and never to be harassed again.


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