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To: Governor Andrew Cuomo

Workers of Color at NY Airports Need Health Care Now!

Sign the Healthy Terminals Act Now!

Why is this important?

The New York State Senate and Assembly just passed historic legislation that would guarantee 25,000 Black and immigrant airport workers access to quality healthcare with a modest wage supplement paid by their employers.

Now it's up to Governor Cuomo to sign the bill into law.

Essential airport workers of color across New York State have been on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic without access to quality, affordable healthcare.

Structural health inequities have already allowed the COVID-19 pandemic to ravage Black and immigrant communities, including those where airport workers live.

How could we ask essential workers to put their health on the line without the basic guarantee of quality healthcare?

Airlines have all rushed to express “support” for Black Lives Matter. But behind the scenes, the airline industry has opposed this bill to provide health care for Black and immigrant airport workers—all while taking $30 billion in taxpayer dollars.

We need our elected leaders to stand with Black workers over the airline industry.

Help us send an urgent message to Governor Cuomo! Sign the Healthy Terminals Act today!

New York, NY, USA

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