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To: Michigan's Legislators

Bring Back Good Time in Michigan's Prisons (HB 5666)

This campaign has ended.

In support of bringing Good Time back to Michigan Please vote on HB 5666

An initiation of legislation to enact the Good Time HB 5666. This initiated law would provide prisoners in Michigan State the opportunity to earn Good Time off of their sentences as reward for good behavior; specify the conditions for accruing Good Time; exercising or enforcing rights gained in this act; prohibits the accrual of good time during month when found guilty of major misconduct; the establishment of a Good Time Committee and lists the responsibilities of the Good Time Committee.

Sec. 33.
(1) A record of all major misconduct charges for which a prisoner has been found guilty must be maintained and given to the parole board as part of the parole eligibility report prepared for each prisoner under section 35 of THE CORRECTIONS CODE of 1953 PA 232, MCL 791.235.
(2) Except as otherwise provided in this section, a prisoner who has not been found guilty of a major misconduct or had a violation of the laws of this state recorded against him or her must receive a reduction from his or her sentence as follows:
(a) During the first and second years of his or her sentence, 5 days for each month.
(b) During the third and fourth years, 6 days for each month.
(c) During the fifth and sixth years, 7 days for each month.
(d) During the seventh, eighth, and ninth years, 9 days for each month.
(e) During the tenth, eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth, and fourteenth years, 10 days for each month.
(f) During the fifteenth, sixteenth, seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth years, 12 days for each month.
(g) From and including the twentieth year, up to and including the period fixed for the expiration of the sentence, 15 days for each month.
(3) Good Time received under subsection (2) shall be earned, forfeited, and restored as provided in this section. Accumulated good time shall be deducted from a prisoner's minimum and maximum sentence in order to determine his or her parole eligibility date and discharge date.
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Why is this important?

Twice in April Michigan’s Good Time Bill, HB 5666, was not to voted on by legislators as expected. The Good Time Bill that was originally introduced in the House at the end of February and was scheduled to vote April 10th and was rescheduled for April 17th, legislators still have not voted on the matter and we cannot wait another election cycle for Good Time to be reintroduced again.

Michigan is suffering from a clear problem and its hitting us hard. Michigan state keeps inmates much longer in comparison to other states. These extra years of men and women staying in prison is socially and economically expensive, driving up prison costs by millions and millions of dollars a year with incarceration consuming over a quarter of the state’s general fund. Not only is this problem costly economically on a state level but costly on a community level as African American families are heavily effected with over 44% of the states entire prison population being made of of non-white men. That’s almost half! Its more than disappointing, its disgusting to see the lack of the representatives’ interest in the demands of the people on correcting this gross issue.

This Initiative petition requires at least 252,523 valid signatures by May 30th in order for the proposed legislation, the Good Time Bill, to override the legislators voting process. After the successful collection of signatures the bill must be put for a vote by legislators to be either adopted or rejected within 40 days. If the proposed bill is not immediately adopted and is rejected by legislators then it is given another opportunity to become a law by moving forward to proposed to the people in the state of Michigan’s next general election which would be November 6, 2018. This is our opportunity to bring Good Time back in the State’s prisons so that rehabilitated prisoners can rejoin society to support their families and communities.

Whether the bill is adopted by legislators or voted into law in a general election, it is important that we give this bill a chance to become a law by showing our overwhelming support for the Good Time Bill. There are more than 40,000 men and women incarcerated in the State of Michigan whose sentences deserve to be reassessed according to the magnitude of their good behavior during their incarceration. Michigan is one of the very few states currently that don’t incorporate Good Time policies to allow a rehabilitated inmate to be released after effectively serving a portion of their sentence, this is a policy that is even instituted at a Federal Level. There is absolutely no reason why a person should lose more of their life just because of their misfortune of being incarcerated in Michigan.

Michigan, USA

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Reasons for signing

  • I signed cuz my Husband is in prison and I need him home with health is not that good and people do change for the good
  • My brother and niece are in prison
  • Good behavior should be credited in prisons, we credit our jail inmates to save State funds why not implement that idea across the entire correctional board.


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This petition is from 2018, please see the updated 2020 petition to restore earned credits in Michigan on color of change here

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