Patti's termination from her job as our swim coach is unjust, and sends a message that people cannot move on from past mistakes and improve their lives. Patti has shown a significant level of remorse and actively worked towards making amends. By completing all of her community service, she demonstrated her accountability and dedication to making things right. Her actions have shown a true sign of character, and have shown that she has learned from her missteps and is committed to ensuring they never happen again. It is unfortunate that Patti's termination from her job as a swim coach has occurred, especially since she has done everything in her power to turn her life around. It is unjust to punish individuals for minor mistakes that were made years ago, particularly when they have already demonstrated genuine repentance, and have worked hard to make positive changes in their lives. This termination sends the wrong message to those individuals who are attempting to turn over a new leaf. It tells them that their past mistakes will forever haunt them, irrespective of how hard they work to rectify the situation. It is important that we do not allow a single mistake to define somebody's entire life and determine their future. We must recognize that we are all human and capable of making mistakes, and that individuals who learn from their mistakes and take positive action to improve their lives deserve a second chance. Patti's termination is a harsh reminder that such actions do come with costs and can have lasting consequences - often extending far beyond and outside of the sphere of the actual mistake itself.
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    Created by Katherine Chaudhry
  • The Rise of San Diego Police Department's Unethical Tactics
    It would at least slow the unconstitutional and unethical methods used by San Diego's law enforcement to secure desired outcomes as well as the constant malicious prosecutions by the District Attorneys who rely on the tactics of these officers.
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    Created by Azlan Prescott
  • A Capitalism-Based Strategy to End Gun Violence and Price Gouging
    American consumers should join together in this campaign for change because together we can use corporations (a capitalism-based strategy) to force politicians they "own" to pass gun control legislation. Until then, people who join the campaign will not shop at malls, big box stores, other retailers because it's not safe to do so. An associated benefit of this boycott is that price gouging will stop due to lack of demand for goods.
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    Created by Linda Wiemann
    By the constitution we as Americans have certain rights and when they're violated we have to come together and right the injustices.
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  • Addiction in the Classroom: The Rise of Drug Use in Schools
    Among adolescents, rates of drug use have been on the rise in recent years. This is especially true for high school students, where the problem has become increasingly prevalent. While the reasons for this trend are complex, one contributing factor is the pressure that students feel to succeed. The pressure to perform well in school can lead students to turn to drugs as a way to cope with stress and anxiety. The consequences of this trend are serious. Drug use can lead to academic problems, health issues, and even addiction. It is therefore crucial that schools take measures to address the issue of addiction in the classroom. By providing resources and support for students, we can help reduce the rates of drug use and help ensure that our students are healthy and successful. As drug use becomes more prevalent in society, it is also becoming more common in schools. This is a cause for concern for many parents, teachers, and school administrators. There are a number of reasons why drugs may be more prevalent in schools, and it is important to be aware of these reasons in order to address the problem. One reason why drugs may be more prevalent in schools is that they are more accessible to teenagers. With the internet, teenagers can easily order drugs online or find sources for illegal drugs in their community. Social media can also be a source of information about where to find drugs. Another reason for the increase in drug use in schools is the pressure that teens are under. They may feel pressure to use drugs in order to fit in with their peers or to cope with the stress of school. Additionally, some teens may turn to drugs as a way to self-medicate if they are dealing with mental health issues. There are a number of ways to address the problem of drug use in schools. One is to provide more education about the risks of drug use. This can be done through classroom presentations, assemblies, and parent-teacher meetings. It is also important to have a policy in place that clearly states the consequences for students who are caught using drugs. Schools should also work to create a positive and supportive environment. This can be done by fostering relationships between students and teachers and promoting extracurricular activities that provide a sense of community. The rise of drug use in schools is a cause for concern. However, there are steps that can be taken to address the problem. By providing education about the risks of drug use and creating a positive and supportive school environment, we can help prevent teenagers from turning to drugs.
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  • Innocent Orlando Brown Found Guilty
    As a minority so called blacks deal with injustice everyday. Being that so called blacks are in poverty leads to them not being financially able to afford an attorney. Therefore, several so called black men are thrown away in the prison system while being innocent. There's power in numbers and if we stand up and fight through the injustice done to the minority groups change will be made. Mr Brown has children and if he isn't exonerated his children will grow up without a father. Please help bring Mr Brown home to his children.
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    Created by Nadia Winston
  • United Diaspora To Keep Commissioner Wale Adelagunja - DACAC
    1. Diversity of thought leadership is needed for the progress of our communities. 2. Commissioner Wale has been very resourceful to the community and his contribution towards the growth in DE & beyond is needed. 3. This violates the vision and mission of DACAC and is against the culture that the African Diaspora is trying to promote in a united front. 4. Bullying tactics will not be tolerated in the State of Delaware. 5. The community was not aware and was not notified about the attempts of his removal. 6. Commissioner Wale was one of the original founders in the attempt to unite and build the people.
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  • End Slavery in Virginia Now!
    It is 2023, yet slavery is still legal in the state of Virginia. With the ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment, a loophole legalized slavery “as punishment for a crime.” This loophole, also known as the ‘exception clause,’ has been exploited ever since, and is still in effect today, allowing for the forced labor of Virginia’s incarcerated population for merely 27 to 80 cents an hour. Slavery is a reprehensible practice that has no place in our modern world. It is a fundamental violation of human rights, and we must take a stand to tell legislators that it has no place in Virginia. By signing this petition, you can help send a powerful message to our lawmakers that the people of Virginia demand an end to all forms of slavery, including as punishment for a crime. Together, we can make a difference and ensure that our state is a place where freedom and justice are truly upheld. Please take a moment to sign this petition and share it with your friends and family. We must act now to end slavery and involuntary servitude in Virginia and create a better future for all. Thank you for your support.
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  • Land Sovereignty for Blaine Elementary School Garden
    Educational, green spaces like The Strawberry Mansion-Blaine Elementary Environmental Center provide food, gathering, education, and social advocacy support community healing and encourage youth engagement. The environmental provides vital science, math, technology, art, and engineering education through an agricultural lens. Blaine students deserve access to environmental spaces that enhance their everyday learning and provide new avenues for study.
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    Created by Lavinia Soliman
  • Stop expansion of the petrochemical industry
    For decades, the petrochemical industry has been an environmental and public health concern for communities in Texas, Louisiana and the Ohio River Valley, where many of these facilities are located. But the industry's expansion brings those concerns to the backyards of millions of Americans. After the most recent freight train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, officials are still releasing lists of carcinogenic chemicals that have tainted the community's air, making it difficult to breathe. Chemicals from the derailment have spilled into the Ohio River, affecting the water supply for 25 million people in the region. From the discovery of toxic chemicals in St. James Parish, Louisiana, to the cancer cluster discovered in Houston’s Fifth Ward, we’ve seen what happens when the government allows private corporations in the petrochemical industry to operate unchecked for the sake of profit. Time and time again, the EPA’s refusal to regulate this industry — or to place sanctions on the corporations that operate negligently — has led to countless ecological disasters, which often take their greatest toll on the health of Black and low-income communities. These communities then are left with few resources or recourse once their homes suddenly are made dangerous and unlivable, and even fewer options once the news cameras leave. That’s why we know that the lack of regulation that allowed a corporation to endanger the health of East Palestine’s residents is the same lack of regulation that will continue to lead to the loss of countless lives in vulnerable communities across the nation if we do not take action. We must make a commitment to halt the unnecessary expansion of the petrochemical industry now. The communities affected by the Norfolk Southern derailment deserve answers and accountability. No one from the petrochemical industry showed up at a recent town hall to address these community concerns in East Palestine, Ohio. And it remains unclear which corporation is responsible for the chemicals being transported by Norfolk Southern, the rail company responsible for the derailment. Residents hope to get some answers when environmental activist Erin Brockovich and civil litigator Mikal C. Watts address a town hall on Friday, Feb. 24, at East Palestine High School. We must stop the expansion of this industry and move beyond petrochemicals. Sign this petition and join our movement today.
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  • Jackson is NOT for the Taking!
    A People United Will Never Be Defeated! Democracy belongs to the people. All of the people. As history has taught us, what happens in Mississippi has the power to influence what happens everywhere else in the world. This petition has been created to serve as the rallying cry of the people of Jackson and the greater Hinds County area. Hinds County is Mississippi’s most populous county, and Jackson is the state’s largest and most populous city. Both Hinds County and Jackson are majority Black and led by Black majorities. Should it be enacted into law, HB 1020 would: ●Require more than 18% of Jackson’s normal allocation of sales tax revenue be given to the Capitol Complex Improvement District, or CCID. ●Enlarge the CCID area and thrust it deep into the purely residential area of Northeast Jackson, miles from downtown, where the Capitol Police —who have shot or killed several Black people recently — have no right or reason to be. ●Strip from duly-elected judges in Hinds County the right to preside over ANY cases brought against the State of Mississippi and the CCID. Only judges appointed by Mississippi’s white chief justice of the Mississippi Supreme Court will have the power to hear and make decisions on cases against the Capitol Police (CCID police), the State of Mississippi and its agencies. ●Strip Hinds County residents of their right: ○ to have civil and criminal cases adjudged by their duly-elected Hinds County judges, the majority of whom are Black. ○ to be prosecuted according to the prosecutorial decisions of their duly-elected district attorney, who is Black. ●Replace the political voice and electoral power of hundreds of thousands of Hinds County residents, 70% of whom are Black, and give this voting and decision- making power to three white state-level officials. What is happening in Jackson, Mississippi, is ruthless. It is racist. It is dangerously anti-democratic. And it must stop!
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  • Tell Corporations to Divest from Cop City!
    Black communities will be especially harmed by the police expansion and militarization that Cop City represents . Studies have shown that police with more military equipment kill more civilians, prevent less crime, and make residents feel less safe., The fake urban village APF seeks to create will train officers to view Atlanta like a warzone and treat civilians like potential enemy combatants. Let’s not mince words: The Atlanta Police Foundation has a history of using corporate donations to fund the expansion of the police at the expense of the Black community in Atlanta. Universities are key funders for Cop City despite their public commitments towards racial justice. Emory, GSU, and Georgia Tech must pick a side. They cannot stand with us if they continue to fund Cop City. Clearly, Cop City is another attempt to bolster the AFT’s influence, militarize the police and increase their control over Black Atlantans. In 2020, dozens of Atlanta police officers staged a “sick-out” after prosecutors filed charges against their colleagues for killing Rayshard Brooks, a Black man who simply fell asleep in his vehicle. The APF awarded the Atlanta officers who stayed off the job with a $500 bonus even as advocates demanded justice for Brooks. At the same time, the APF has helped Atlanta become one of the most surveilled cities in the country: It helped pay for the network of 11,000 surveillance cameras stationed across the city. . Cop City also puts the environmental health of these same Black communities at risk. The South River is the fourth most endangered river in America. The chemical runoff from weapons testing at the militarized police facility will further pollute the South River and the surrounding communities.
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