• Pardon for Attorney Marilyn Mosby
    WHY ARE THEY TARGETING ATTORNEY MOSBY? Leo Wise began targeting Attorney Mosby under the Trump Administration. This is no coincidence. Wise was known for profiling and targeting Black elected officials since he worked on Capitol Hill where he hyper-focused on cases involving Congressional Black Caucus members from 2008 to 2010. As a federal prosecutor In 2019, Wise prosecuted police officers involved in corruption with the Gun Trace Task Force, but he failed to address the impact of the wrongdoing of the officers. Without pause, Mosby addressed what Wise neglected by identifying more than 2,000 cases involving the officers' malpractice, leading to a thorough review of the verdict within each case. After a very public disagreement that included Steve Schenning at DOJ, Attorney Mosby became a target of Wise who already donated to her political opponents while he was employed with the Department of Justice! This clearly demonstrates his evident bias, animus, and disapproval of Mosby, highlighting a case of malicious prosecution alongside his boss, Schenning and the US Attorney in Maryland at the time, Richard Hur. In July 2020, Mosby boldly confronted former President Trump's threat to deploy federal agents to Baltimore following the murder of George Floyd. In an op-ed, Mosby vowed to prosecute any federal agents who engaged in unlawful actions against Baltimore citizens. Two months later, Attorney Mosby learned she was under federal investigation, a move widely perceived as retaliation for her courageous stance in protecting her constituents’ constitutional rights. Former Governor and now Senate candidate, Larry Hogan even gave money from the state to DOJ to prosecute “fraud related crimes” after public disagreement with Attorney Mosby where she called out his racist antics. We demand a FULL Presidential Pardon for Attorney Mosby pursuant to Article II, Section 2 of the United States Constitution, which gives the authority of the pardon to the President. While the Biden Administration has used the power of the pardon in a rare 13 occasions, it is time for the President to right the wrongs of Trump’s Department of (in)Justice! President Nixon was pardoned by President Ford after actually engaging in wrongdoing. President Clinton pardoned his own brother. This Administration and the Obama Administration pardoned individuals who Attorney Mosby fought for in policymaking and in the courtroom. It is OUR TURN to pursue justice for Attorney Mosby because, #JusticeforMarilynMosby, is justice for ALL of us.
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  • Atlanta Police Murdered My 62yo Father: Tell APD to Release the Body Cam Footage Now!
    My dad just finished Bible study and left my house to take his wife to dinner when he was involved in a minor car accident. He called 911 and waited over an hour for police to arrive. When Officer Kiran Kimbrough arrived, he decided that my dad was at fault and issued him a traffic ticket. My father asked to see a sergeant, but Office Kimbrough ignored him and told him that he would take him to jail, if he didn’t sign the ticket. My father called me moments before Officer Kimbrough grabbed him, took him to the ground, and began Tasing him. I jumped in my car and drove to the location of the incident. I heard my father being murdered over the phone. Although my dad told the officer that he would sign the ticket, he was still wrested to the ground and tased, repeatedly. He told the officer, “I can’t breathe”, as many as 16 times. Ruthlessly, his pleas were ignored and Officer Kimbrough refused my father medical attention. Under the supervision of the Atlanta City Attorney’s Office, my family and our legal team were shown portions of Officer Kimbrough’s body cam footage. We saw a tow truck driver help Officer Kimbrough handcuff my dad and turn him on the ground onto his stomach. We heard the tow truck driver say, “I forgot what it was like.” During the video viewing, we also saw the tow truck driver’s knee across my dad’s neck. When I arrived at the scene, my father was unresponsive. He later was pronounced dead at Grady Memorial Hospital. My dad’s inhuman and illegal treatment was all captured on Officer Kimbrough’s body camera, but the Atlanta Police Chief Darin Schierbaum still has not released the body cam video footage to the public. Officer Kimbrough’s body camera footage must be released so those responsible can be held accountable and we get justice for my dad’s senseless murder.
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  • Black Mental Health Has ALWAYS BEEN Incarcerated. Even When It's A Child.
    Mental health for Black people can't continue to be policed, criminalized and/or incarcerated. Especially not when they are allowing white men to freely surrender from spaces after they have knowingly just murdered citizens who happened to be Black and are taken on a joy ride to get food just to add insult to injury or able to freely walk across state lines with assault weapons and murder citizens who happen to be Black and we can go on. So what about people like Reginald Johnson who didn't commit the crime at all? Who didn't take a plea because he wasn't guilty? Where is his reprieve? Today he is still on parole. He is on his 3rd marriage. Stability is a thing he fights for every single day because at any given moment he believes that it can be taken away from him because all of his life it has. Doesn't he deserve his FREEDOM? Let's help him secure that. Reginald can't get 27 years and 8 months of his life back. He can't get Kenya back. He can't get back the time he had to watch his mama be raped or tie his aunt's arm to aid in her getting high, but we can help him get his name back, his freedom back and move forward with a clean slate with his daughter, stepchildren, wife, grandchildren, his positive mental health and wealth and the work he continues to do serving youth through his organization YORRA--Youth Offenders to Reformed and Responsible Adults. Who Better...
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  • Reparations for Black Slaves from New York Life Insurance
    This issue is important because it highlights disparities in how historical injustices are addressed based on racial backgrounds. The contrasting treatment of cases involving New York Life Insurance Company underscores a need for fairness and justice in acknowledging and rectifying historical wrongs. Here's why people should join me in addressing this: 1. **Equality and Fairness:** It's essential to advocate for equality and fairness in addressing historical injustices. When cases involving different communities are treated disparately, it raises concerns about systemic biases and unequal access to justice. 2. **Reparations and Restitution:** Many believe that descendants of enslaved people deserve reparations for the enduring impacts of slavery. By raising awareness and advocating for fairness in how such cases are handled, you contribute to the ongoing dialogue about reparations and restitution. 3. **Learning from History:** History provides valuable lessons for society. By addressing historical wrongs comprehensively and fairly, we can learn from the past to build a more just and equitable future. 4. **Solidarity:** Building a coalition of people from various backgrounds who support equitable treatment in addressing historical injustices can create a powerful force for change. Solidarity is a key factor in advocating for justice. 5. **Promoting Accountability:** Holding institutions accountable for their historical actions sends a message that no one is above the principles of justice and accountability, regardless of their size or influence. 6. **Raising Awareness:** By joining this cause, you help raise awareness about historical injustices and the need for acknowledgment and reparations. Increased awareness can lead to greater public support for equitable resolutions. 7. **Advancing Racial Justice:** Addressing disparities in how different communities are treated in cases involving historical injustices is a step toward advancing racial justice and equality in society. In summary, advocating for fairness and justice in addressing historical injustices, such as the cases involving New York Life, is essential for achieving a more equitable and just society. It's an opportunity to stand up for principles of equality, accountability, and learning from the past to shape a better future for all.
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  • Establish a Polling Place on Grambling State University's Campus
    By establishing a polling place at Grambling State University, we can remove barriers to voting and empower our students to exercise their democratic rights. This initiative will not only enhance the political participation of our student body but also foster a culture of active citizenship. Let us come together as a community and make our voices heard by signing this petition. Together, we can create positive change for the future of Grambling State University.
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    Too many black men are being railroaded in the Judicial System because of corrupt law enforcement and certain racist judges. DISBARMENT OF JUDGE DEBRA BLACKWELL IMMORAL UNETHICAL RULINGS...JUSTICE FOR CHRIS RANDALL Started April 5, 2023 On February 23rd, 2023, I along with my family witnessed Judge Debra Blackwell handout a Life sentence plus 20 plus 5 years to my son, Christopher Isaac Randall. My son was charged with Murder despite it being justifiable Self-defense. My son's ex girlfriend LaRhonda Ware called my son to meet her at her mother's home but already had a gentleman waiting in the dark for my son. The victim reached for his gun that was fully loaded with a bullet in the chamber and my son defended himself by shooting the victim before he had a chance to shoot and kill him. The gun was put back in the deceased's waistband before law enforcement and paramedics arrived. The Judge Debra Blackwell did not allow my son's paid Attorney to argue Self-defense at all. During the trial, it was discovered that the Judge Debra Blackwell, the Prosecutor Shameca Collins and State Attorney, Busby ALL were responsible for jury selection...that were ALL picked just 3-4 hours on the actual day of the trial. Juror#15 was closely related to the deceased and the Defendant. Judge Debra Blackwell verbally stated that it did not matter, in regards to the kinship between the juror and the deceased. My son stayed incarcerated for nearly 4 years at Adams County Sheriff office where the Sheriff Travis Patten, former Detective Stanley Searcy---now the Jail Administrator along with DA Shameca Collins collaborated a plot to railroad my son thru the Judicial System. The State used a Medical Examiner by the name of Mark LeVaughn whose under investigation and had been placed on Administrative leave from Jackson crime lab to testify from an unknown location via video screen in the courtroom. There is speculation that the DA mailed/faxed evidence they gathered to the Medical examiner to align and collaborate the little so called evidence they claim to have had so LeVaughn could know what to say during Q & A during the trial. On March 29th, my son appeared for a hearing for a motion to have a new trial based on the fact that one of the Jurors was related to the deceased. Judge Debra Blackwell stated it did not matter and the sentencing was and still is being upheld. This particular judge has railroaded so many young black men while allowing rapists of underage kids to go free; all because of certain families dumping money into her PRE-ELECTION campaign. I am asking that anyone who has been railroaded by Judge Debra Blackwell, Sheriff Travis Patten, DA Shameca Collins to please sign this petition while I continue to make efforts to exonerate my son of all charges; as he only acted in self-defense. This was a retaliatory act on behalf of the Judicial system for my son NOT taking a PLEA BARGAIN; as well as his mother, Shaunta Randall writing higher-ups about all the wrong and malfeasance of judicial practices being exercised on all levels towards my son before his trial even began. I, Shaunta Randall faced the same scrutiny and injustice when his 16 year old brother, Jessie Elbert Taylor Jr. was murdered in 2014. My son, Christopher Isaac Randall, had several court appearances with an appointed attorney before his new attorney was hired. The old attorney which was the State's Public Defender did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to gather evidence supporting my son's justifiable confession of self defense. My son has never been a trouble maker nor has any kind of criminal history. The Sheriff even setup a plot by using a jailer : also the mule for bringing Contraband into the County jail__ to add another charge to my son in November of 2022; 3 months before his actual trial in February of 2023. The Jurors were selected the exact SAME day the trial began on 02/21/23; might I add. I will not stop until all involved in this Judicial Performance of Misconduct and Malice be removed from their positions.
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  • Free African American/Black Women & Girls from Systemic Racism, Insidious Harm, and Trauma
    African American/Black women and girls have historically endured all manner of physical and psychological violence. The emotional, mental, psychological violence as well as physical violence aimed at African American/Black women and girls is traumatic and denies African American/Black women and girls their humanity. Discrimination in education, discrimination in the workplace, healthcare, and beyond has essentially created an American society that is hostile for African American/Black women and girls. The right to live free of harm and the failure of a systemic approach to create equitable policies with equitable outcomes for African American/Black women and girls is unacceptable. Systemic harm of any woman and girl compromises the safety of all women and girls. Stand for the freedom, liberation, and protection of African American/Black women and girls. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/black-americans-are-getting-support-for-reparations-from-other-multiracial-groups/ar-AA1cHmnm?ocid=msedgntp&cvid=223ff2abf7f9433ca3c9718dd2d57cfd&ei=13.
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  • Stop State Sanctioned Kidnapping!
    People should join in this effort across the nation because state sanctioned kidnapping in NOT exclusive to Tennessee! It's happening across the nation and families are being destroyed because of it not to mention how costly it is to fight back when you are faced with a false charge.of abuse and or neglect. It is also important because families aren't afforded the same protections that are guaranteed to those accused of criminal violations. This means it is easier and you are more likely to loose your child tha to go to jail for stealing a .35 cent pack of gum!!! Another gross compent of this cash for kids scheme is the money that is attached to removing children from their homes. There is a 15 month clock given to parents to get their children back before termination of parental rights proceeding begin to adopt a families child out. The cumbersome things asked of DCS and the many continuance they create can and do easily exhaust this time and you can be in jeopardy of loosing your child just because DCS hasn't prepared themselves and keeps stalling parents out on unnecessary programs and other requirements that they provide ZERO support for. The states bill over $2.8 million dollars a year in fist care cost, none of that goes to support families! If we are to continue to pay these cost we should have a say in how that money is spent and based on the data the money should be spent on providing support of families to reunify other than tear apart family bonds. https://www.npr.org/2021/12/27/1049811327/states-send-kids-to-foster-care-and-their-parents-the-bill-often-one-too-big-to-
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  • #JusticeforAJOwens: Tell States Attorney Bill Gladson to charge Susan Lorincz with 2nd degree murder
    We demand a second-degree murder charge be brought against Susan Lorincz What we know: (1) Susan Lorincz shot recklessly through her front door, with no regard for who was on the other side, including the children she had previously attacked. This should be reflected in the DA’s charges against Lorincz. (2) Before Susan Lorincz shot and killed AJ Owens, she threw an object at young children. This is clear and reckless malice against children and should be reflected in the DA’s charges against Lorincz. (3) Mounting accusations from AJ’s own children and neighbors indicate a pattern and history of bullying, racial slurs, and antagonism toward neighborhood children, even as they played nearby on land not owned by Susan Lorincz. The DA’s should consider Lorincz' hateful behavior in the charges leveled against her. We demand the repeal of Stand Your Ground laws in Florida. What we know: (1) According to Sheriff Billy Woods, Susan Lorincz attempted to invoke Stand Your Ground immediately after shooting AJ Owens to death. (2) While there has yet to be a legal determination as to the application of Stand Your Ground in the killing of AJ Owens, Susan Lorincz’s belief that should could be defended under this statute represents the creation of a dangerous culture where residents shoot first and ask questions later. (3) Across the country, Stand Your Ground Laws are correlated with an increase in gun violence and racist attacks. These laws are associated with an increase of 700 additional homicides a year across the country. (4) Stand Your Ground & Shoot First laws put Black people in more danger: In Stand Your Ground states, White shooters are FIVE times more likely to be deemed “justified” when shooting Black victims than the reverse. AJ’s children were playing in a field next to one of the buildings in their housing complex, when one of the neighbors, allegedly the shooter, yelled at the children. The woman, who is white, is accused of calling the children racial slurs and ordering them to get off property that was not hers. After seeing her children in distress, AJ knocked on her neighbor’s door to understand what happened. AJ was shot through her neighbor's CLOSED door. We cannot overlook the fact that AJ was murdered just 60 miles from where George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin. While Stand Your Ground remains the law of the land in Florida and nothing prohibits Susan Lorincz from relying on the oppressive law as a defense, we must continue to push for its repeal. How many Black lives have been lost and murders justified by Stand Your Ground? In 2023, we witnessed the shooting of Ralph Yarl and the killing of Kaylin Gillis. In both instances Stand Your Ground emboldened individuals to use unnecessary violent and unjustifiable force in the name of self-defense. In Stand Your Ground states, white shooters are FIVE times more likely to be deemed “justified” when shooting Black victims than the reverse. It’s undeniable: Stand Your Ground & Shoot First laws put more Black people in danger! We must stand against this injustice or more Black people will die!
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    Patti's termination from her job as our swim coach is unjust, and sends a message that people cannot move on from past mistakes and improve their lives. Patti has shown a significant level of remorse and actively worked towards making amends. By completing all of her community service, she demonstrated her accountability and dedication to making things right. Her actions have shown a true sign of character, and have shown that she has learned from her missteps and is committed to ensuring they never happen again. It is unfortunate that Patti's termination from her job as a swim coach has occurred, especially since she has done everything in her power to turn her life around. It is unjust to punish individuals for minor mistakes that were made years ago, particularly when they have already demonstrated genuine repentance, and have worked hard to make positive changes in their lives. This termination sends the wrong message to those individuals who are attempting to turn over a new leaf. It tells them that their past mistakes will forever haunt them, irrespective of how hard they work to rectify the situation. It is important that we do not allow a single mistake to define somebody's entire life and determine their future. We must recognize that we are all human and capable of making mistakes, and that individuals who learn from their mistakes and take positive action to improve their lives deserve a second chance. Patti's termination is a harsh reminder that such actions do come with costs and can have lasting consequences - often extending far beyond and outside of the sphere of the actual mistake itself.
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  • The Rise of San Diego Police Department's Unethical Tactics
    It would at least slow the unconstitutional and unethical methods used by San Diego's law enforcement to secure desired outcomes as well as the constant malicious prosecutions by the District Attorneys who rely on the tactics of these officers.
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  • A Capitalism-Based Strategy to End Gun Violence and Price Gouging
    American consumers should join together in this campaign for change because together we can use corporations (a capitalism-based strategy) to force politicians they "own" to pass gun control legislation. Until then, people who join the campaign will not shop at malls, big box stores, other retailers because it's not safe to do so. An associated benefit of this boycott is that price gouging will stop due to lack of demand for goods.
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