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To: Claremont City Council

Change Indian Hill Name to Kizh-Toibingna

Change Indian Hill Name to Kizh - Toibingna

Why is this important?

Help change an offensive name and help educate people with the name of the village that use to be there.

Toibingna also spelled Toybipet was the prehistoric Kizh (keech) Village that once occupied the entire area of what was historically known as Rancho San Jose . Today the cities of Pomona ,La Verne and parts of Claremont now lie within the Old Rancho . By sharing this you can help heal and unite.

Why Kizh- Toibingna ? Kizh( keech) are the indigenous people who historical were later given the name GabrieleƱo and that occupied and still occupy the Los Angeles Basin . By putting Kizh in front, it helps spread the awareness of how they are still alive and thriving.
Toibingna helps restore our ancestors honor, by acknowledging our past we can allow old wounds to heal.

Toibingna Blvd

Pomona, CA, USA

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