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To: Businesses and Organizations

Defund the Police

Hold businesses and CEO’s accountable for their silent approval of ostensible police brutality and murder of their constituents. The time is now to put the pressure onto businesses and their executives to break ties with their local police forces which have demonstrated severe abuse of power on its constituents.

Why is this important?

We have all seen at one time or another just how incredibly powerful voting with our dollars really can be, and right this very moment, there are thousands of businesses which have significant dollar-voting power and a unique ability to stop police brutality and demand sweeping reform of the criminal justice system.

In the wake of both endless and recent blatant abuse of power & criminal violence and terror put upon innocent civilians and peaceful protestors, our country and the values we believe in are in a dire state of emergency. It is up to us, as the people of the United States to hold our elected officials accountable. The quickest way to earn their attention to the point they are willing to make REAL reformative and sweeping changes to the criminal justice system is if we the people use our power to restrict their access to funds.

How can we do that? Simple.

We demand the public condemning and severing of ties from businesses, executives, sporting teams, schools, universities, little leagues, concerts, events and more to cancel their contracts with the criminal police forces immediately until reform happens. Other businesses which provide services to corrupt police forces will also be called on to publicly distance themselves in a peaceful act of protest by canceling their service contracts as well until real reform conditions are met. We can do this!!!!


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