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To: Syracuse University Chancellor Kent Syverud

Syracuse must hold students accountable for their racism

Syracuse must hold students accountable for their racism

1. The University must immediately reinstate students who have been peacefully protesting inside of the Crouse-Hinds building.
2. University leaders Chancellor Kent Syverud, Dolan Evanovich, Chief Robert Maldonado, and Deputy Chief John Sardino must resign by Friday, February 21st.
3. The University must immediately expel anyone involved in racist incidents.
4. The University must hire more counselors that represent marginalized groups.
5. The University must adjust the Code of Student Conduct so that it specifically addresses the consequences for racism.
6. The University must provide notification of racially-motivated incidents within 48 hours of the occurrence.
7. The University must commit to implementing an anti-racism curriculum.

Why is this important?

A series of racist incidents have taken place on Syracuse University’s campus. Black students are being targeted with racist graffiti and racial slurs. A white supremacist manifesto from the New Zealand shooter was posted online to a Greek life forum and sent to several students’ phones. And a Black woman was verbally attacked by white fraternity members, who shouted the N-word at her. These incidents are jeopardizing Black students’ safety on campus.

This is not the first instance of racism at Syracuse. Earlier this year, it was reported that a white student used a gun to pistol-whip and terrorize Black students at a party. Last year, a group of Theta Tau fraternity members performed and posted racist skits online. Although the students were suspended, some of them were allowed to return to class and to continue to learn alongside the same Black students who were harmed by their actions. The university’s insufficient responses to this pattern of bigotry demonstrates a blatant disregard for the health and safety of Black students.

Join me in supporting Syracuse students as they demand accountability for students who commit racist acts.


Reasons for signing

  • I went to high school in Syracuse and my father once taught at the University. Racist behavior anywhere cannot be tolerated.
  • I'm disgusted by the assault on the humanity of black students who pay tuition like everyone else. It is imperative that the university acts. An assault on the humanity of black students isn't just an assault on my humanity or even black people's humanity. Its an assault on our collective humanity as human beings. Syracuse is better than this.
  • You would not think that racism is as prevalent today as it was 50-60 years ago. When will people ever grow weary of their evil past.


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