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To: Representatives Donny Lambeth and Debra Conrad

End the effort to silence the voices of African-American voters in Winston-Salem

End the effort to silence the voices of African-American voters in Winston-Salem

Withdraw North Carolina House Bill 519.

Why is this important?

House Bill 519 would merge three majority-minority Winston-Salem City Council Districts currently represented by African-American women, into a single district, forcing them to compete against one another for a district seat. The Bill would also create three, arguably four at-large city council seats which would be far more difficult for African-Americans to compete in. Further, all City Council members would be required to run for re-election every two years as opposed to the current four-year election cycle. In 1973, The Supreme Court ruled in White v. Regester that creating at-large seats in order to limit rights of African-American voters is illegal. House Bill 519 would illegally eviscerate the representation of African-American voters in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

How it will be delivered

We will deliver the petitions in person.

Winston-Salem, NC, USA

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Reasons for signing

  • To keep the Black voice alive which is our constitutional rights
  • This is another Republican assault on our democracy.
  • We must continue to uphold the rights of our individual voices and not stiffen our privileges of representation


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Thanks to you, our push made the Chronicle today and the Journal Yesterday! Check it out!


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