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To: Al Dirschberger, Commissioner, Erie County Department of Social Services

Free The Children of Kiarre Harris

Urge Commissioner Dirschberger to demand that his agency, Child Protective Services, return the two children of Kiarre Harris back into the custody of their mother and drop the Family Court action against the mother.

Why is this important?

In November of 2016, Kiarre Harris, an African-American single mother, chose to homeschool her children and remove them from a failing school in Buffalo, New York. Ms. Harris properly withdrew her children from the public school and fully complied with NYS regulations regarding homeschooling. The Buffalo Public Schools District notified Child Protective Services that the children were not attending school. Without the knowledge or notice to Ms. Harris, Child Protective Services secured a removal order from a Family Court Judge---based on educational neglect. When police first notified Ms. Harris of the removal order (which they did not provide a copy of), Ms. Harris refused to turn her children over to the police. She was arrested for obstruction.

Two days later, on January 18, 2017 the children of Ms. Harris were taken away from her and placed into foster care. An ongoing Family Court has now been triggered and Ms. Harris has been granted only limited supervised visitation of her two children.

This entire incident began with Ms. Harris' decision to homeschool her children and the Buffalo School District calling Child Protective Services with baseless allegations of educational neglect. Jailing a mother who has complied with the law; taking her children away, and subjecting the family to ongoing legal proceedings can not be allowed to happen. This sends a chilling message to parents who choose to fight for the betterment of their children's education. We need to make it clear: the policies and practices of the Erie County unit of Child Protective Services are racially discriminatory and adversely impact parents of poor and minority children. Kiarre Harris should be admired for doing all in her power to make sure her children have the best education possible.

#KiarraHarris #HandsOffHarrisChildren

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Many thanks to all of you.

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Please help Kiarre Harris in her legal fight to regain custody of her children...make just a $5 donation at

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More about the Kiarre Harris situation:

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Listen to radio broadcast with Kiarre Harris and parent advocates Samuel L Radford and Franklin D. Redd:

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Free The Harris Children---please share the story:

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Appointed government officials, and their elected bosses, respond to public opinion. Your support matters. Please continue to share the Kiarre Harris story with your friends and urge your friends to join you in signing this petition. Thank you for your continuous support.
Read more about how the Kiarre Harris story has unfolded in his magazine

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Next week, on March 15th (The Ides of March), Kiarre returns to Family Court to fight for the return of her two children. Please get just 3 people to endorse this petition over the next few days---we want to show county officials that they need to FREE THE HARRIS CHILDREN. Learn more about the Kiarre Harris situation:

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Read more about the Kiarre Harris story, including links to actual court documents and information about the environmental challenges Kiarre has faced:. Follow this link:

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