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To: Governor Of Kentucky Andy Beshear

Governor of Kentucky Andy Beshear Please Freeze Rent, Mortgages, Car Payments and Utilities

Pardon our rent, mortgages, car payments and utilities for at least April 2020 while we all get back on our feet!

Why is this important?

In the past 2 weeks thousands of residences in Kentucky have been laid off do to their employer closing and most won’t be able to pay bills including rent, mortgages, car payments or basic utilities. College students have been forced go home because they don’t have a roof over their head during these hard times! We need our governor more than ever to stand with us and help us get through this. Thank you!
Kentucky, USA

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2020-04-07 17:17:00 -0700

The non profit organization, Color Of Change has decided to help us as much as possible. They will have a training available to help our cause for anyone that would like to join! The trainings will take place online April 9th at 5:30 pm or April 10th at 12 pm. You can use the following link to RSVP!

2020-03-25 11:37:04 -0700

20,000 signatures reached

2020-03-24 20:05:15 -0700

Kentucky, you are beyond amazing!! This shows how big our faith is and together we can make this happen! I have read your comments and I’ve received your emails, I stand with you all and I trust our governor Andy Beshear will see this too and realize how much we’re all going though not just as a state but as a nation.

We have reached 15,000+ signatures in a bit over 24 hours and it’s only the beginning!! We can’t stop now, we need to keep going and you can keep helping by sharing this to your friends, family, ex-coworkers, on Facebook or any other social media platform. Kentucky, together we can show the nation that we’re stronger together. God bless you all!

2020-03-24 12:59:02 -0700

10,000 signatures reached

2020-03-24 07:13:11 -0700

5,000 signatures reached

2020-03-23 12:10:35 -0700

1,000 signatures reached

2020-03-23 11:12:08 -0700

500 signatures reached

2020-03-23 09:58:57 -0700

100 signatures reached

2020-03-23 09:41:25 -0700

50 signatures reached

2020-03-23 09:26:28 -0700

25 signatures reached

2020-03-23 09:14:03 -0700

10 signatures reached