To: Washoe County DA Christopher J. Hicks, Sparks Mayor Rob Smith, Sparks Police Chief Krall

Get Justice for Miciah Lee

We are demanding:

-Full release of the body camera footage of all officers involved in the shooting of Miciah Lee.
-Release of all involved officers badge numbers and names.
-Prioritization of the Miciah Lee case at the Washoe County DAs office.
-Beginning the conversation around abolishing police responders to non-violent/mental health related incidents.

Why is this important?

Miciah Lee was murdered by the Sparks police department after his mother made a 911 call asking for help in saving her son from suicide. The Sparks police department and the Washoe DA are yet to release a true report, any body-cam footage, or any verifiable witness testimony of the event.

Miciah Lee was an innocent 18-year old who was loved by many in his community. He was a son, friend, and student. He was a fiercely loyal, loving young man who touched the hearts of all who were lucky enough to know him.

Five months ago, Sparks Police Department received a 911 call from the mother of Miciah Lee in which she pleaded for assistance for her son, Miciah, who she believed was suicidal and may have had a weapon. She made this call in the hopes that SPD would stop her son from hurting himself and bring him home safely. Instead, SPD murdered Miciah in his vehicle that night.

Miciah had a known history of struggling with mental illness, and had not been committed a crime or shown any signs of aggression preceding the event that lead to his death. What ensued between the 911 call and Miciahs passing is all but a vague story released by the Sparks police department. A vague explanation of how a mentally ill, black teenage boy was shot to death by Sparks police is simply not enough. The general public has yet to receive an incident report, bodycam footage, or badge numbers/information on the officers that shot Miciah. The Washoe DA has left the public in the dark.

The testimony reads as follows: Two SPD officers are sent to Rock Boulevard to locate Miciah Lee on January 5th, 2020, around 6 pm. Upon arrival officers found he had already driven away. When they located Miciah a short time later, he then ran from officers as they gave chase, eventually crashing his vehicle. Officers report that at this point, the teenager became uncooperative. Sparks Police Department states that when officers allegedly saw him reach for the weapon they believed he was going to hurt himself with, they responded by shooting him to death in his vehicle.

Miciah Lee’s struggles with his mental health had caused him to want to end his own life that day.

Officers of the Sparks Police Department did that for him.

No other information has been released by the Sparks Police Department concerning Miciahs tragic case to date. There is no released body-cam footage to corroborate or go against the vague narrative of that day released by the Sparks Police Department.

The only thing that the community of Sparks can know for certain is that an 18 year old boy in their very own community was murdered by an unknown number of police officers.

Miciah Lee was alone. He was frightened. He was struggling with mental Illness. He had NOT committed a crime or had a warrant out for his arrest.

Miciah Lee and his family deserve a full, multifaceted account of what occurred on January 5th, 2020.
The community of Sparks deserves a true and evidence-based explanation of how and why Sparks Police Department murdered Miciah Lee.

Please help pressure Sparks Police and DA Christopher Hicks to release body-cam footage and evidence of the true events that preceded the passing of Miciah Lee.

Justice for Miciah!

Sparks, NV, USA

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