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To: Village of Howard President Burt McIntyre and Howard Public Safety Director Ed Janke

Howard: Drop the $7000 fine and citations to Black Lives Matter protestors

Howard: Drop the $7000 fine and citations to Black Lives Matter protestors

Why is this important?

The Village of Howard issued citations and a more than $7,000.00 fine to people protesting police brutality peacefully in the Green Bay suburb. The protestors are required to appear in court on September 29th.

Freedom of speech should be free. Howard police should protect all people in the community, regardless of color, creed, income-level, or beliefs. Howard’s actions are a clear violation of the First Amendment and a deliberate effort to prevent any future protests in the suburb.

At the Howard protests, which took place on July 28th, the group of 30 mostly young people received violent verbal assaults from homeowners. For most of the protest, the group was followed by a gang of counter-protestors waving Trump flags out their vehicle windows in an attempt to intimidate protestors. Howard, however, chose only to penalize the group protesting police brutality.

Similar protests have taken place in other Green Bay suburbs. While De Pere and Bellevue welcomed protestors, the village of Ashwaubenon did not. It also invoiced the group $800.00. (Sign that petition here:

Who to Contact:
Burt McIntyre, Village of Howard President
Phone: 920-434-0482
Email: [email protected]

Ed Janke, Howard Public Safety Director
Phone: 920-434-4640

Howard residents, contact your representative on the Board of Trustees:

Howard, WI, USA

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