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To: Chicagoans of all backgrounds who support this change

Indigenous People's Day (must replace Columbus Day) in CPS!

Indigenous People's Day (must replace Columbus Day) in CPS!

Tell the Chicago Public Schools Board of Education that you support the name change of the holiday from Columbus Day to Indigenous People's Day (as Evanston & Oak Park have done, and many dozens of cities & 4 states around the country have already done)!

Why is this important?

We must change Columbus Day to Indigenous People's Day to honor the true ancestors and descendants of this land. Columbus came looking for gold and enslaved, raped, kidnapped and killed Indigenous people. Chicago students should not celebrate or honor him. Please sign our petition to tell the Chicago Public Schools we want our holiday in October to honor Indigenous People's Day. And please share for others to sign so we can present this at the next Chicago Board of Education meeting August 22nd. Thank You!

Chicago, IL, USA

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Reasons for signing

  • At some point in our long history, we must recognize that we are beneficiaries of horrible deeds done by our ancestors.
  • Indigenous people are not given recognition and Columbus day is being celebrated for the wrong reason.


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