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To: U.S. MARSHALS - Atlanta, GA

Jamarion Robinson - Shot 76 Times in Atlanta, GA

Jamarion Robinson - Shot 76 Times in Atlanta, GA

Transparency in the shooting death of Tuskegee University student athlete Jamarion Robinson. We the family ask for transparency and accountability.. Excessive force of unarmed student Jamarion Robinson was shot 76 times.. Yes, you heard me! 76 bullets entered his body.

Why is this important?

This is important because we are tried of them killing our son's, nephews, father's, daughters and mother's. Police Killings are at an all time high. Police officers are committing hate crimes against our children. I don't ever want a mother to experience the pain of losing a child to such a hateful act.. Enough Is Enough! Police need to be held accountable.

Atlanta, GA, United States

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Reasons for signing

  • I just learned about what happened to Jamarion over 3 years ago and am heartbroken and outraged. Sending love and strength to his family who continue to fight for him. We're with you.
  • because this happened to my cousin and im sick of it.


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