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To: Inglewood Police Department

Justice for BJ Statler

My brother, Brian Leslie Statler, Jr. (BJ), a 30-year-old black male was killed by the Inglewood Police Department on March 27, 2019 at the Inglewood Church of Scientology by a gunshot wound of the head. It's been over 15 months and nothing has been done, no information has been shared with his family except for the bare minimum and the only thing we know for sure is that he's dead.


What are we asking for?

I. Transparency and cooperation from the Inglewood Police Department with information and reports about what happened to BJ.

II. Accountability for officers responsible for murdering BJ; they violated his Civil Rights by unreasonably assessing the situation, violently confronting him without probable cause and killed him without provocation.

III. Immediate action, resources and time invested from Mayor James Butts office into BJ's homicide case.

IV. Policy reform for the Inglewood Police Department through de-escalation techniques, crisis intervention tactics and alternative actions to force. Deadly force should never be an option.

Why is this important?

On March 27, 2019, Inglewood Officers Julian Baksh and Jonathan Rivers responded to a call at the Inglewood Church of Scientology in Inglewood, CA. During the interaction with my brother, Brian Leslie Statler, Jr. (BJ), they killed him with a single gunshot wound to the head. He died before making it to the hospital. An investigation had been declared since both officers sustained non-fatal gunshot wounds that they incidentally gave to each other.

My family was not notified of his death by the Inglewood Police Department (IPD) and it took incessant calling to the LA Coroner's Office to confirm his body was there, three days after the police took his life.

I was interviewed by Detectives Michael Han and Cesar Jurado, who asked any question they could to villainize BJ, to justify their colleagues killing him and to close out their investigation.

It's been over a year and a half that the investigation has been going on and we have no reason to believe the officers have been fired, suspended or held accountable. It's not a stretch to believe, since they killed once, they will do it again. These officers are not fit to serve the community and need to be removed. Additionally, the Inglewood Police Department needs to implement training and execution of de-escalation policies because deadly force should never be an option!

According to The Washington Post Fatal Force report, BJ was the only man shot and killed by the IPD in 2019 and they've neglectfully handled his case. In their continuing to allege its ongoing investigation, our attorney has not had access to any of the reports of BJ's death, his personal belongings or any information that would bring understanding to what happened that fateful day. They possess custody of and control all of it and have not made any effort to share it with us.

Our attorney has confirmed that a trial date has been set. It'll be nearly 3 years after his murder before we have the opportunity to hold these officers and the Inglewood Police Department accountable. The trial date is set for November 9, 2021.

His family deserves to know what happened. He should be alive and we demand justice!


What are we asking for?

I. The Inglewood Police Department's negligence to transparency and lack of cooperation needs to be held accountable. We believe they've conspired to justify and cover up their misconduct by preparing and filing false reports of the shooting.

II. Officers Baksh and Rivers need to be held accountable for their actions to the fullest extent of the law. Their conduct was willful, malicious, and done with a reckless regard for the rights and safety of BJ. Their gross mishandling of the situation is evident by the fact that they shot each other in addition to killing BJ. Murder is still a crime no matter who committed it.

III. Mayor James Butts should devote considerable resources and time to the shooting. BJ was killed on his watch and by his officers. We ask of him, why isn't BJ's case a larger priority? Doesn't yet another black man being killed by the police warrant your time and attention? In fact, the Coroner ruled it a Homicide. Does that not warrant expedient action?

IV. The Inglewood Police Department has provided inadequate training in the use of deadly force and policy reform needs immediate attention to implement de-escalation policies to ensure another family is not broken apart by their misconduct.


2024-03-15 20:26:17 -0700

💙 It's with immense grief and gratitude that I share my debut poetry collection, Prayer for Relief, as an offering to honor my brother, BJ, and his five-year deathiversary, forthcoming on March 27, 2024.

As a tribute to BJ's birthday, the paperback is listed at $12.22 and can be ordered on Amazon or IngramSpark. If cost is a barrier, please let me know and I will get you the book another way.

Should you find solace, connection, or appreciation within these pages, I gratefully welcome your spreading the word, leaving reviews, and hearing about your experiences with the collection.

Thank you for signing this petition and showing BJ love; your support, encouragement, and compassion are cherished beyond words.

In poetic power,
~BJ's little sister, Krystle May

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