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To: Governor Jared Polis

Justice for De'Von Bailey -- Independent Investigation

Justice for De'Von Bailey -- Independent Investigation

-Sign an executive order demanding De'Von's death be independently investigated by the CBI
-Get an independent special prosecutor to present facts to the grand jury.

Why is this important?

In light of the shooting of 19-yr-old De'Von Bailey by a CSPD officer, the people of Colorado Springs need real actions from you to support our community’s fair expectations for:


-The community does not feel this shooting is being taken seriously or that justice is possible with the current approach to investigation. The El Paso County Sheriff's Office is not qualified to conduct an unbiased investigation of the shooting of De'Von Bailey by a CSPD officer and DA Dan May is not qualified to assess this investigation. First, the working relationship between the two departments is very close. The urge to protect one another will be strong. Second, Pete Carey works directly under the sheriff. Pete Carey was with CSPD from 1984-2018, and was Chief of Police from 2011. Third, Mayor Suthers mentored current District Attorney Dan May while himself heading the DA office, and Suthers has thus far been unwilling to advocate for transparency or to provide leadership with regard to community concerns. Fourth, Chief Investigator Bret Poole at the DA’s office moved from CSPD in December of 2018. Fifth, the lead lawyer for the Sheriff’s office is a former 4th Judicial DA.

We need you to sign an executive order for CBI to investigate, as they are a more objective institution, and an independent special prosecutor present facts to the grand jury.


-The community is further traumatized by the ongoing imbalance of treatment of People of Color compared to the white population. At the peaceful protest held on August 5, 2019, moving from City Hall to the Police Operations Center, two white motorcyclists who are part of the Twin Outlaw Brotherhood confronted protestors, pointing guns in their faces after a dispute.

-CSPD took minutes to respond. There is footage of protesters pleading for them to come help through the doors.

-CSPD charged the motorcyclists with disorderly conduct only; no further charges. This light touch, when seen in comparison to the shooting of a man who was running away (verified on video), is traumatizing to the community.

-CSPD made statements like “It’s within our legal rights to kill you” to De’Von’s friends and family who were attending protest.

Please hear our community and sign this executive order.

Colorado Springs, CO, USA

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Reasons for signing

  • In our culture's climate, we need open and unbiased investigations when an officer has shot a victim in the back.
  • There is never a justified reason to shoot anyone in the back! De’Von was running scared and was murdered for it! God forbid this is forgotten or let go! Who is next? Police cannot police themselves! We must be strong as a community and right the wrongs. Cops can be criminals too and in this case they are! It has to stop! #JUSTICEFORDE’VON
  • I've heard them say "We have investigated ourselves and cleared ourselves of any wrongdoing" for far too long.


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