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To: Melissa Nelson, Florida State Attorney

Justice for Keegan

Bring charges against Michael Centanni for the death of 22-year-old Keegan Von Roberts.

Why is this important?

My 22-year-old son Keegan Von Roberts was murdered by our racist neighbor, Michael Centanni, three months ago and the police have done nothing. We need your help to bring forth charges.

Michael, an aspiring police officer, deliberately left his home on July 20, 2017, to taunt and harm my son. But the police are refusing to make an arrest and no charges have been filed. The investigation into Keegan's death is entering into the third month and we still have no answers and no justice. Keegan's father, wife, daughter, and I have been working tirelessly with the father of Jordan Davis, Jacksonville Community Action Committee, and other local groups to organize community vigils, rallies, and meetings with Florida State Attorney Melissa Nelson calling for transparency and accountability. But our cries are ignored. We need your help to amplify our demand!

Will you stand with Keegan's mom, wife, daughter, and community to demand FL State Attorney Melissa Nelson bring charges against Michael Centanni for the death of Keegan Von Roberts?
Jacksonville, FL, United States

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