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To: Tulare County Supreme Court, Tulare County Child Protective Services, Visalia Child Psychiatrist

Justice for Yerin

[Stop Asian Hate]

Tulare County Supreme Court, CPS, and a Visalia child psychiatrist must be held accountable for their illegal and racist behaviors against Yerin and her mother who are Korean. Yerin's biological father is a repeated sex offender who escaped being in the sex registry with connections of his stepfather. Tulare County Supreme Court, CPS, and Visalia Child Psychiatrist accepted molestation as good parental behavior and created harm in Yerin's life. Yerin is only 7 years old. She has been in this environment since she was born, as her father planned a fraudulent marriage against her mother and sister, took their money (and their extended family's money), and intentionally made their lives miserable after fulfilling his Asian Fetishization as a white man. He had planned this with his current wife. Yerin's father beat and raped Yerin's mother repeatedly. Yerin's stepmother also beat Yerin's mother while she was pregnant with Yerin. They did not care about her as a fetus and they do not care about Yerin's well-being as a person.

Yerin's mother was falsely diagnosed with Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome (MBPS) by a Visalia Child Psychiatrist. She had no rights or proper methods of diagnosing Yerin's mother with this serious disorder. This was hyped by the airing of Gypsy Rose Blanchard's documentaries and Hulu Series, The Act. She spread false information and confidential information about Yerin's family to third parties that were not involved in this case. When confronted about her illegal behaviors, she blocked Yerin's mother. Yerin's mother had asked for her to sign Disability Documents as mothers diagnosed with MBPS cannot work at a preschool where Yerin's mother was working at the time. This proved that Yerin's mother does not have MBPS along with 2 psych evaluations. This Visalia Child Psychiatrist cannot have children and she often keeps children over the age of 18, while creating conflict between the children and their parents.

This false diagnosis came from Yerin's mother bringing Yerin to the Emergency Room and to pediatricians when Yerin came home from visitation with swollen genitalia, three times the normal size, along with urine/fungal infections that a child her age should never have (18 months +). Yerin also showed masturbating behaviors, which she said were taught by her stepmother.

Tulare County Supreme Court Judge
- This racist, white nationalist, and corrupt family court judge gained her position through the power of her father who was also a judge in the same system.
- There was tangible evidence of Yerin's biological father committing disgusting sexual crimes against minor children, under the age of 14, within the last 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, and 30 years, but she ignored them and gave him full custody.
- She ignored holding Yerin's father accountable when he attended limited mediation meetings or visitation. She gave him all the power at court, not letting Yerin's mother speak for herself. She only gave opportunities for the father and his white attorney, power to speak for themselves, which they spoke no truth.
- Allowed racist comments against Yerin's mother from Yerin's father's family, such as "go back to China," "Trump will deport you, North Koreans," and so much more, while Yerin's mother could not even mention the word, "dad" to Yerin or anyone. There were multiple penalties towards (eg losing full custody, supervised visits) Yerin's mother but no penalty was given to her father when he spoke racist comments, including "a half-white child should not be raised by a non-white."
- She never lets Yerin's mother speak at court, and continued hearings multiple times.
- Yerin's father's attorney wrote court orders. The orders the attorney wrote, were very condescending and confusing, in which when Yerin's mother and others misinterpreted it, they punished her by taking away more visitation rights and parental rights.
- There is a community of mothers of color who lost custody after getting assigned to this particular judge.

Tulare County CPS
- CPS social workers knew that Yerin's father had committed multiple sexual offenses against minor children and said nothing about it because he was not in the registry.
- They recommended that he was a warm father and caretaker even though he admitted to sexually assaulting/molesting young children. They thought he would not do that to his own child even though that was the reason they were visiting him.
- There is no connection between the evidence and the decisions they made.

Yerin went to the Emergency room and pediatricians because of her abnormal and swollen genitalia along with vaginal/urine infections that are not common at her age. Yerin's mother was accused of being abusive when taking care of her daughter. The Judge, CPS, and the Psychiatrist took this as an opportunity to take custody of a half-white child, away from a non-white mother.

Why is this important?

Tulare County is a prime region for Asian Hate Crimes, especially blatant racism shown at Tulare County Supreme Court. Yerin's biological father requested to move to Alabama, where he will find a community of pedophiles, where he will objectify his own daughter with his Asian fetishization and well-noticeable pedophilia.
The Court will let this happen, as the judge never held the father accountable for breaking court orders or letting him make his own court orders with his attorney.

Yerin needs her mother, her Asian heritage, and her sister. Her father was not there when she was born when she was named when she was fed. He popped in the middle when he needed her for his reputation, to gain credibility around young children. He has a serious mental issue and with his records of sexually abusing and molesting his 3 sisters throughout his adolescence, and others throughout his life, he should not have been awarded custody.

Yerin is in serious danger and she does not deserve this.
Please help the Lim family. The next hearing is May 10th, which will likely allow Yerin's father to move to Alabama with Yerin and his deranged and racist wife. They will raise Yerin to be a white nationalist, racist (1% Asian in AB), abuse her in many ways, find solidarity with other pedophiliacs and incests in Alabama, and make sure she despises her mother.

Yerin's mother is a US citizen, same as her father and stepmother. She deserves equal treatment in court, which was not granted due to her race and gender. This is not acceptable.
Porterville, CA 93257, USA

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2021-04-26 12:36:37 -0700

When a child feels uncomfortable with their abuser, the abusive parent's attorney uses this as an attack towards the non-abusive parent to get full custody. They say that the child feels uncomfortable because the non-abusive parent has been interrogating them, brainwashing them, and coaching them. Judges love this tactic, especially if the non-abusive parent is a woman or BIPOC.

Similar cases: Justice for Kyra, Colton, James, Tommy, Jennifer, Kayden, Farrow v Allen.

With this family's history of brainwashing and alienating their children from other parents that are outside of the family, it is clear that they had been using this tactic for decades. They somehow cannot help being abusive and need to find every way they can, to be abusive, to have custody.

Truth must be told and these children need serious help, including Yerin.

2021-04-26 12:15:32 -0700

Yerin's stepmother had a child who passed away as a late teenager. She did not let the child's father or his family members see her when she was hospitalized, nor did she share the burial location. She claims that Yerin's father was there for her during these harsh times. This deceased child's father is a hard working man with a loving family.

Parental Alienation is a repeated behavior in Yerin's father and stepmother's lives. Divorce and child custody battles are very common in this family. Yerin's paternal grandparents were divorced along with her uncle's family. Yerin's grandmother had custody of her 5 children and Yerin's cousins reside with her paternal uncle or grandmother/step grandfather. Her cousins claim that their mother only "loves her new children and husband." They claim that their stepfather was abusive. Yerin's oldest cousin attempted to hurt her mother by throwing sharp items at her. Police was involved.

To this family, this is not new. This is a game.

2021-04-26 12:09:40 -0700

"This SW received the Local records Check results back for the parents. The father has an arrest on 5/12/08 for lewd acts with a minor in which there was a court ordered release on 5/14/08."


2021-04-26 11:36:40 -0700

"Prior to coming to meet with the father, this SW obtained a snap shot. The snap shot revealed a past arrest for [lewd] acts with a minor under the age of 14 in 2018."


2021-04-26 11:30:58 -0700

"Defendant was convicted about 2 years ago of lewd and lascivious acts on my daughter, his sister, H****. He has been released. He returned to my house as he had no other home. I cannot physically cause him to leave. Defendant has admitted molestation of my youngest daughter K****. Child Protective Services has asked that I obtain an order excluding him from the house. I am presently going to school full-time to become a court reporter and I cannot be present all the time to protect my youngest two daughters, K**** and G***** (age 8)."


2021-04-26 00:42:53 -0700

LinkTree (링크트리):

2021-04-25 21:00:17 -0700

What the children of the judges, attorneys, and other civil servants/private business owners need is this -- love, hugs, someone to listen to them, someone to support them. While their parents are busy tearing minority communities apart, these kids are left at home by themselves, wondering when they would receive the same amount of attention. This further creates a chain of oppression -- they might end up putting the same amount of energy to oppress minority communities, blaming them for everything that has "no solution."

We understand what these children are going through. It must be difficult to survive this family dynamic. We understand that dissatisfaction and anger can lead to a lot of corruption. However, this has got to stop.

All children deserve love and affection. Clearing people out of the way does not help anyone succeed. We must reflect on ourselves rather than blaming others, for much needed change.

2021-04-25 20:42:42 -0700

The society needs a group of people to blame for difficult things to fix, such as teenage pregnancy, rise of STIs, "crime," substance use, etc. Children from "broken families," BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities are blamed for all of these societal issues that are difficult to address/fix. Still to this day, these communities are treated terribly in the court and education systems. There is a lack of resources to help the people heal, to go to school, to succeed. People sitting at the bench are afraid of minority groups, afraid of the competition if they are given equal opportunities to succeed in life.

The judge/attorney have their own children to worry about. If Yerin is raised by her mother, she will succeed academically and speak up for herself. People are afraid that she will hold down their own kids. (And for the record, they are not doing well in school despite the money their parents put in) This happens to so many bright youth within this nation. This is not acceptable.

2021-04-24 23:52:16 -0700

Yerin's anxiety and whatever feelings she feels must be validated. She is in a new place where she catches night stars and wishes she is a butterfly, "to be free," to just dream of playing at home with her sister. She is in a new place...
Children going through the system need a space to breathe and heal. They need stability.

2021-04-24 23:51:23 -0700

Yerin feels uncomfortable because she doesn't perceive her environment to be what she defines as "home" and moving away will not change the discomfort she portrays at certain spaces she is silenced and objectified. No one will have dominance over Yerin because she already established who she was before anyone told her what to say, what to believe.

Yerin's mom and sister raised her in a very open and community-based environment. Yerin could talk back if she needed to, pick her own schedule and clothes, pick what she wants to eat and drink. They read books together, watched movies, and learned music together. They listened when she spoke and everyone was equal. No one was afraid of each other, taking control. They complimented each other. No one was afraid that one person will do better than the other or accomplish more than the other. But this is the past.

2021-04-24 23:47:03 -0700

If a child is afraid of someone, not comfortable, not "cooperative," it is not their fault. No one is to blame. The reaction children give back to their environment is just the reaction they give back to their environment. No one is telling them to act a certain way. They just feel extremely uncomfortable around certain groups of people. It is because of the way they were treated, not because someone is "brainwashing" them. This is a conspiracy that can never be proved, especially if the person one thinks is causing this is being policed and silenced all the time.

2021-04-24 13:22:22 -0700

Yerin's mother is being silenced, retaliated against, and policed every moment of her life, by people who are afraid of the truth. She is a woman of color, an Educated Woman of Color. They are policing and silencing an Educated Woman of Color.

Yerin is a smart child and it is clear that if she is silenced now, unable to heal from her trauma, raised by people who do not value (educating) Women of Color, she will not be able to live up to her full intellectual potential.

2021-04-24 10:06:47 -0700

The attorney of Yerin's father writes the court orders. It is not very well written and confusing to understand. They wrote in people's names as suggested supervisors at a church without their consent. Everyone was confused why their names were brought up in a court order. They are using PARENTAL ALIENATION and RETALIATION to silence a mother of color. They said that church visitations were "an incentive to comply with court orders," which were to not bring up negative comments about the father. However, Yerin's mother followed the court orders and asked them to review evidence that they never reviewed. They still took away her rights as a mother. They took away visitation rights. They are enjoying playing God, silencing and retaliating against someone who knows their secret. Retaliating against a whistle blower. This is not legal. This goes against all rights Yerin's mother has as a person, a US citizen. This is not acceptable.

2021-04-24 00:55:04 -0700

From Yerin's sister:

I was raised by our mom and our loving family. We had our stumbling blocks but we overcame it as a family. We are transparent and willing to change and work through our issues together. This helped us grow. I will be graduating from the University of Rochester, headed to earn my MS at Johns Hopkins University. My maternal family values and loves me instead of telling me that "being abused is okay." My grandma tells me how proud she is of me and how much she loves me. When I tell her my hardships, she doesn't invalidate me. She doesn't tell me that "being abused is okay." My grandma would protect me the same way she protected my mom and my uncles. She wouldn't discriminate based on race or gender to protect someone from abuse. I am grateful for my grandma. We are not all blessed with grandmas like that. My grandma is warm and loving. But we are not all blessed with grandmas like that.

Yerin deserves to have OUR grandma in her life.

2021-04-24 00:30:31 -0700

We demand justice. We demand a careful review of all the evidence given. We demand having a stable and fair trial. This is the third judge change. The system does this on purpose to further oppress minorities. This is not acceptable and we cannot allow another child's life to be sacrificed in order to see the gleam of light. There is a chance to change Yerin's life. This must take place NOW.

If one is to pride in being a registered democrat, please follow through with the values of a democratic society. Right now? This? This is a toxic authoritarian dynamic, demanding POC to submit to white preservation, to obey, to bow down.

Instead, we choose to practice our rights.