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To: MAC / Colonie Center Macy’s



Hold Colonie Center Macy’s MAC manager accountable for her racist actions.
We know that misogynoir (anti-Black racism + misogyny) is embedded in the makeup and beauty industry. Recently I was fired from my position at Colonie Center Macy’s, in Colonie New York after being told by my manager that my look was “too urban” for their clientele. Unfortunately, we know that this is dog-whistle racism: coded language used to denigrate and harm Black folks. This form of racism is covert and harmful.

Why is this important?

Black women deserve to experience a workplace free of racial discrimination and racialized microaggressions.

Reasons for signing

  • I'm an Independent Makeup Artist and I use their products regularly and my clients also purchase them. We as Brown and Black people need to stand up for what's right and Discrimination needs not to be in the Equation at all. #getittogetherMAC #URBAN LOOKISMAC
  • We need to speak up about racist actions in our own communities. I shop at Colonie Center and stand with the Black Community.
  • I stand for my people of color. We are royalty and shall be treated as such.


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