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To: Governor Kate Brown

Oregon: Fund Education not Executions!

Tell Governor Brown to effectively end the use of the death penalty in Oregon. Governor Brown can commute the sentences of prisoners so they no longer face the death penalty.

Why is this important?

Oregon is spending millions of dollars on a death penalty system disproportionately invoked against Black people. While Black people only make up 2% of Oregon’s population they make up 9% of the population housed on Death Row.

While spending millions of dollars to disproportionately imprison Black people, Governor Brown recently announced a state budget which could increase taxes and cuts services to the same communities who face this unfair criminal justice system. Instead of causing further damage to these communities by cutting vital services, Governor Brown should effectively end the use of the death penalty, save Oregon millions of dollars, and end an unjust practice that disproportionately targets the Black community.

Oregon, United States

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