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To: Worthington Law Enforcement

Community Recommendations for Changes in Police Practices.

We strongly implore our law enforcement agencies and city elected leaders to adopt the following recommendations:
• Hold Agent Joswiak and his supervisors accountable for Agent Joswiak’s actions during the arrest. Consider all forms of discipline, up to and including termination.
• Implement more training for the Worthington Police Department on the use of force and de-escalation.
• Conduct a thorough review of the hiring process. The police force should reflect the diversity of the community.
• Require additional cultural training that relates to the demographics of the community.
• Establish diversity on the Police Civil Service Commission.
• Institute a Worthington Human Rights Commission.
• Examine procedures concerning Worthington police officer behavior and improve internal police review.
• Review and make public all procedures and protocols of dashboard and body camera media.
• Begin the process of establishing a community policing agreement between the Worthington Police Department and our communities of color.

Why is this important?

In light of community concerns surrounding the video of BRDTF Agent Joe Joswiak, Sgt. Tim Gaul and the Worthington Police Department, the task force held a general community forum on July 9th at St. Mary’s Church. As a result of this forum and emerging concerns, we urge the city of Worthington to take action to heal community fears of and anxiety towards law enforcement agencies. The community expects a thorough, fair and transparent investigation with a judicious timeline.

How it will be delivered

Worthington Immigrant Task Force members have meet and will continue dialogue with leadership. We invite community to take part in this conversation and support efforts by signing this petition for said changes. Updates will be provided on this page and within Worthington Immigrant Task Force meeting.

Worthington, MN, United States

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