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To: McKinney Mayor Brian Loughmiller

Release data about the McKinney Police Department's engagement of Black youth

Direct the police department to release data from all engagements with youth that resulted in arrest, tickets, citations or detainment over the last 10 years broken down by age, race and ethnicity and including complaints of misconduct.

Why is this important?

The videos from McKinney show Black youth clearly being targeted by police while white youth are left alone. We deserve to know from the City of McKinney if this is a longstanding police policy.

This is important because this incident is one in a long line of incidents that continue to demonstrate that Black youth are routinely dehumanized in our society. Implicit bias and perceptions of Black youth directly impact they way that they are engaged. Because these youth were seen to not belong in the area, the officers did even attempt to engage them as residents or even guests but rather as intruders. This is evidenced by the fact that the teenager who filmed the incident was white and therefore was not engaged by the police at all - despite capturing the entire event on camera. We have seen in past, how these interactions can quickly turn deadly. The community can not begin to heal until these issues are exposed and confronted in a honest and transparent fashion.



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