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To: Concerned Members of the Public

Calling for the Removal/Resignation of sitting U.S. Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith of Mississippi

Sign the petition and share. Tell Cindy Hyde-Smith to resign and Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant to demand her immediate removal/resignation, as well as the withdrawal of her candidacy for U.S. Senator for the state of Mississippi. We need government representation that protects and respects all Mississippi lives.

Why is this important?

Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith's comments on November 2nd, 2018, regarding her willingness to sit “on the front row” at a “public hanging” if invited are not only deeply offensive, they provide further evidence of her blatant disregard for her oath to uphold the Constitution. Senator Hyde-Smith’s failure to stand up to the injustice of hanging deaths in the past and her approval of such violence presently, should bar her from serving as a U.S. Senator or in any government position in the state of Mississippi. She has refused to acknowledge the insensitive and deeply offensive nature of her remarks. A leader who cannot thoughtfully reflect on her actions and their potential harm is unfit to lead.

How it will be delivered

Petitions will be delivered to the offices of sitting U.S. Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith and Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant.



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Please continue to share this campaign and rally against racism in the seats of power in US government. There are many ways to stand with us!

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Mississippi Matters is a coalition of grassroots Mississippi based organizations and national partners that are committed to mobilizing a million Mississippians to the polls on Nov. 27th for the U.S. senate run-off elections.

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With deep appreciation,
the Mississippi Matters Coordinating Committee

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