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To: Henrico County Public Schools School Board

Removing Discriminatory Hair Policies from Henrico County Schools

Alumni and current students of Henrico County Public Schools demand that the prohibition of wearing bandanas, do-rags, headscarves, hair picks, wave caps, large combs, brushes, and rollers be removed from the student code of conduct. This revision is on the grounds that this policy is destructive to the purpose of the code of conduct, against the values listed by the Director of equity and diversity, Dr. Monica Manns, and directly discriminatory toward people with coarse hair textures.

Why is this important?

Students of all colors and with all hair textures should be able to do the following at school: protect their hair and proudly wear cultural hairstyles. These policies were put in place with the ignorance of African American hair care and their enforcement criminalizes Black children and interferes with their learning.
Henrico County, VA, USA

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