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To: Alabama State legislature

Rename the Edmund Pettus Bridge for Congressman John Lewis

Rename the Edmund Pettus Bridge for Congressman John Lewis

Rename the Edmund Pettus Fridge after Congressman John Lewis because done Lewis is a civil rights icon and Edmund Pettus was a symbol of Confederate racism.

Why is this important?

It's an important thing to honor Congressman John Lewis who is the son of Alabama and show that Alabama has changed to understand the importance of civil rights for all people, especially since Congressman Lewis spilled blood on that bridge in 1963.

Selma, AL, USA

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Reasons for signing

  • I am a descendant of Edmund Pettus (he was a cousin). He was a horrible racist who spent his whole life oppressing people of color. His memory should not be honored. The memory of Congressman John Lewis, a man who fought for justice and equality, should absolutely be remembered.
  • I support this campaign because Congressman John Lewis stood for righteousness in the face of evil which took tremendous courage given to Him by the Grace of God!
  • get rid of traces of hatred


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