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To: Cathy Moore, Wake County Public Schools Superintendent & Dr. Jim Causby, Johnston County Schools Superintendent

#SafeSchoolsForAll: Wake & Johnston County Public Schools Must Act Against Hate Speech

We petition Wake County Public Schools and Johnston County Public Schools to establish policies and practices that create and support school environments where all students feel safe. Racial sensitivity and diversity training must be implemented for school leadership and administrators, this training should also be required for the students enrolled in these two school districts.

We petition Wake County Public Schools and Johnston Public Schools to update their board policies to address hate speech and clearly define consequences for such egregious and hurtful behavior.

Why is this important?

As a Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother that resides in Wake County I am very disturbed that more action has not been taken around the situation this young lady experienced entering her 1st year of High School.

Cenayia Edwards, an African American freshman at East Wake High School was informed by one of her friends that some of her classmates were apart of a racist group chat where they advocated for the killing of African Americans, used hate language such as “kill ni**ger babies” and the hashtag #BringSlaveryBack. Cenayia was able to gain access to this exclusive chat room where these racial slurs and offensive hate speech was being exchanged and encouraged. Immediately, Cenayia and her parents reported this hate group to her principal and other school administrators in order to bring their awareness to this unacceptable behavior by her peers and fellow students. To date, the family has not received a response from either school district regarding their intention to prevent and condemn this egregious behavior. We cannot remain silent on the broader issue of racial discrimination and intolerance because silence is compliance.

Some continue to say that we are living in a post-racial society and if that is true, how can this type of hatred have been shared in a group chat in 2019. Please sign this petition and help make our Schools Safe for ALL CHILDREN. Policies that address hate speech must be a critical element for all school districts.

How it will be delivered

This petition will be delivered to Dr. Jim Causby, Johnston County Schools Superintendent & Cathy Moore, Wake County Public Schools Superintendent by NC Black Alliance and Advance Carolina.

Wake County, NC, USA

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