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To: Governor Ralph Northam

Save Robert Green

Grant Clemency to Robert aka "Wize" Green (#1181751) at Deep Meadows Correctional in Virginia

Why is this important?

Exodus @exodus917, The Greater Richmond Minister's Conference, Family Safe Haven, Faith Leaders Moving Forward and Neoteric Justice need YOU in the fight to save Robert Green aka Wize from a grave injustice. Robert has completed 20 years of a 35 year sentence. Twenty years! The sentence is barbaric punishment and exceedingly harsh for youthful offenses which included breaking and entering, an unregistered weapon, and wounding of a police officer who scraped his knee in a tussle with Robert.

He has been a model prisoner. He is beloved of corrections officials. The risk assessment rated him at the lowest risk level for re-offending--equivalent to someone who has never been incarcerated. He has a home plan and community support. He is teaching and leading in prison. He is ready to teach and lead in the communiity and to prevent public safety challenges.

Robert's application has been/is being reviewed. He was asked to prepare a home plan in June 2020. We have been asking for a date to pick him up since April 2020. Now, covid is in his compound. A life sentence should not turn into a death sentence! Please release him for the Holidays Governor Northam. Everyone, please sign this petition and share it now.

Reasons for signing

  • Because I know this brother personally and was once where he is not too long ago. Peace.
  • Troy Herbert
  • Because I'm tired of our people being used as pawns and cash cows for this disgusting prison system!! PERIOD!!


2021-01-22 10:16:07 -0800

We have declared January 1, 2021 the beginning of a "Century of Mass Clemency." Clemency is a fancy technical term for mercy.

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