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To: Mayor Bill DeBlasio, New York City Council Members

Stop Black Lives Matter activists from being monitored and attacked by NYPD

Stop NYPD officers from attacking peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters and activists. Two Black activists, one woman and one man were targeted and attacked Monday August 17th, 2015 by an NYPD officer at the NYC ShutItDown's People's Monday action. The officer threw the woman against a car and then onto the ground. He tackled the man (who had his hands up), and put him in a chokehold.

We demand that Officer Severin be disciplined and/or fired.
We also demand that COUNTER TERRORISM officers and riot police be removed from future Black Lives Matter actions because they terrorize protesters and seek to incite violence. We also demand that the Mayor and NYPD immediately cease the targeting and surveillance of Black Lives Matter activists and organizers; and that all charges against the activists, arrested at the August 18th action, be dropped. This action was not the first in which activists and organizers were targeted and brutalized, and it is not unique to New York City. Law enforcement aims to intimidate and scare off protesters and we demand that this stops today.

Why is this important?

The Black Lives Matter movement is working to dismantle structural and institutional racism and white supremacy. Unfortunately the police and the current criminal justice system serve and uphold these institutions. It is our duty and our right to demand accountability from our criminal justice system, and from the police that are supposed to protect and serve us, but instead terrorize, harm and kill us. We will not remain silent while police remain violent and we must protest in order to affect change.

How it will be delivered

We will deliver the signatures to City Hall and possibly, hold a press conference at City Hall.



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