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To: Newton County School System

Stop Racist Retaliatory Practices in Newton County School System

Stop Racist Retaliatory Practices in Newton County School System

Reinstate Jammie Phillips back to the classroom and offer her a public apology for targeting and retaliating against her.

Why is this important?

On August 13th Jammie Phillips, a 15 year Educator was asked to resign from the Newton County School System. The System claimed the reason they were asking her to resign was because parents were sharing a video around with her using derogatory language in her home. Mrs. Phillips refused to resign because her video did not concern her ability to do her job and her video in no way violated any social media policies related to the school district. Later that evening Mrs. Phillips discovered that several members in the Covington, GA community in which are white "moms" that favored face to face instruction along with a white school board member, collaborated against her along with the superintendent. She discovered that she had made herself a target of these white women by being vocal about her opinions related to returning to school with face to face instruction. Mrs. Phillips participated in a protest at the board office and she spoke to the local newspaper with her views as well as allowed them to use her name. This debate has been divided amongst color lines in this school district and Mrs. Phillips as a black woman made herself a target. On the video in question Mrs. Phillips was ranting with other alumni of her HBCU Bethune-Cookman University and her sorors of her divine 9 organization about a music video that was filmed on campus and on the sorority plot. Her video had absolutely nothing to do with any children, her job, as well as she does not identify as an employee of their school system on her Facebook page. Mrs. Phillips is a well known musician with her own platform outside of her work as an educator. What is at stake is the career of an educator that has sent numerous students of color to college on band scholarships, the career of a teacher that has taken children in to her own home and became apart of numerous villages. I want to see this school district own up to their mistakes regarding participating in the racism of these "parents" that are attacking her for voicing her opinion.

Reasons for signing

  • No one is to judge except God Almighty ♥️🙏🏽
  • I believe Mrs. Phillips didn't do anythi g wrong.
  • She is an awesome educator and deserves respect!


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