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To: Committee Clerk Jackie Mosher & MI Senate Judiciary and Public Safety Committee

Stop Shackling Incarcerated Pregnant People in Michigan

We are urging members of the Senate Judiciary and Public Safety committee to support Senate Bills 830, 831, and 1152 which would create Pregnancy Standards of care in prisons, a Community Advisory Oversight Committee for Michigan’s only women’s prison, and Pregnancy Standards of Care in jails.

For more information, go to Separate letters of support for Senate Bills 830, 831, and 1152 can be sent to clerk Jackie Mosher at [email protected].

Why is this important?

We are demanding the rights of pregnant women and people incarcerated in Women's Huron Valley Facility, Michigan’s only women’s prison as well as all jails and lock up facilities in Michigan. Senate bills 830, 831 and 1152 prevent pregnant women and people from being shackled during transport while laboring, and allow them to provide breastmilk for their babies. We are fighting for the prevention of further harm and trauma to people already experiencing inhumane conditions of incarceration, as well as outside oversight of Women’s Huron Valley, which has been chronically overcrowded for years.

These bills would require the use of medical and psychological best practices to improve the standards of care for incarcerated pregnant and postpartum women and people in Michigan prisons and jails.

MI Senate Judiciary and Public Safety Committee Members:
Peter J. Lucido (R) Chair
Curtis S. VanderWall (R) Majority Vice Chair
Tom Barrett
Ruth Johnson
Jim Runestad
Stephanie Chang (D) Minority Vice Chair
Jeff Irwin (D)

How it will be delivered

Petition signatures will be compiled and emailed to Committee Clerk Jackie Mosher, then presented to the MI Senate Judiciary and Public Safety Committee.

Michigan, USA

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