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To: President

Student Loan Forgiveness for all front line workers

Student Loan Forgiveness for all front line workers

I would like to suggest student loan forgiveness for all healthcare, fireman, policeman that are working everyday to provide care to patients, families and loved ones during this time.

Why is this important?

All essential personnel that work in these fields, these self-sacrificing fields, go to work everyday placing themselves in harms way in order to provide care for those effected by COVID-19. This would be an extreme help with the economic crisis we now find ourselves facing.

Reasons for signing

  • As nurses, we can't just not go to work, and we can't refuse to care for Corona patients. I have children and grandchildren that are being put at risk, by my job.
  • I’m an ER nurse on the frontlines who also works two jobs to support a family and pay my student loans.
  • We are putting our livesat risk trying to take care of others


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