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To: Cosmetology Boards and Institutions

Teach Black Hair in Cosmetology Schools

As licensed cosmetologists, we want to present to you our concerns with regard to the lack of education being provided for students to work with all hair textures upon leaving cosmetology school. Your mission statement states you promote the protection of the health, safety, and welfare of the public and the professional workforce by actively pursuing excellence in cosmetology and related fields. How can one do these things and leave out an entire section of the population at the same time? In addition to having only one chapter in the book, multi-textured and highly textured mannequins are nowhere to be found within the cosmetology education system. All chemical and non-chemical styling is done on a mannequin with straight to wavy hair, leaving graduates woefully unprepared to enter the professional world where they will encounter people with many different hair textures. All hair textures must be addressed and worked on while preparing for one's license. People with multi-textured and highly textured hair should be able to have their hair serviced in a professional manner by anyone with a cosmetology license. We also need to address our concern with regard to the language and the hierarchy narrative in the text book. The Milady's Standard statement that suggests highly textured hair is the least versatile and recommends the chemical relaxer as the style option are just two examples that lack value or truth.

Why is this important?

The National Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology is not promoting the highest standards for consumer safety and does not encourage competency in the practice of cosmetology when it chooses to focus only on certain hair textures. A licensed cosmetologist in any state, should know how to wash, detangle, blow out, and style multi-textured and highly textured hair, the same as is required for straight or wavy hair textures. It is not enough to only require knowledge about relaxers. The standards of beauty culture education have changed, and the NIC has a duty to change along with them. It is imperative that you promote and support opportunities for equality, diversity, and inclusion.

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