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To: Governor Andrew Cuomo

Tell Gov. Cuomo an Auction Equals No Equity

Tell Gov. Cuomo an Auction Equals No Equity

Do not sell New Yorkers out! Don't auction New York's legal cannabis industry away to big corporates.

Why is this important?

New York is next in line to legalize recreational cannabis. (Finally!) Unfortunately, what should be a major economic boost for our state and those who have been harmed by the war on drugs, is being sold off to the highest bidder leaving New Yorkers, and especially Black and Brown entrepreneurs, out of the new cannabis economy.

That’s right, Gov. Cuomo has proposed language that will auction off the licenses to operate day one in this new economy. So anyone who can’t afford it will be left out of the industry and never be able to catch up. That means no mom and pop shops, no Black or Brown owned businesses participating in the economy day one. Nothing.

Check out the CRTA language:
Page 162- Section 40

“The office shall have the authority to hold a competitive bidding process, including an auction, to determine the registered organization(s)authorized to be licensed to cultivate, process, distribute and/or sell adult-use cannabis and to collect the fees generated from such auction to administer the office's social and economic equity plan and other duties prescribed by this chapter”.

We know who has the funds to play this game and it is not everyday New Yorkers. New York’s informal market is one of the most profitable and the legal adult-use market is estimated to be the same. Wealth and ownership needs to stay in New York, with the people, not auctioned off to the highest bidder!

The final decision will be made in April, so we have 30 days to let our voices be heard!
We have to make a stand NOW--We can't let this happen!
@NYGovCuomo #NoAuction #DontSellNYOut #NoAuctionCuomo

Sign our NO AUCTION petition and call your state legislators TODAY!

Share it on social media, let your folks know, and have them take action!

Let Gov. Cuomo know that New York’s adult-use industry is not for sale!


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