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To: Mayor Eric Garcetti

Tell the City of Los Angeles to implement the People's Budget

Adopt the People's Budget and spend the city's money on #CareNotCops!

Why is this important?

For five years now, Los Angeles activists have been fighting to adopt a city budget that will provide care and resources for the people. And for just as long, Mayor Garcetti has increased the budget for LAPD, sacrificing funding for vital programs that actually create safe communities. With the coronavirus pandemic’s outsized impact on Black people, and the recent uprisings that echo demands to #DefundThePolice across the country, it has become nothing less than imperative that the City of Los Angeles decrease funding for police and increase investment in services that provide for our people: housing, mental health care, rent suspension and cancellation, funding for youth programs, and investments that directly benefit Black communities.

Demand that Los Angeles adopt the People’s Budget, not more funding for police.


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