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To: Dr. Dewayne Jowers & Rev. Bruce Armstrong, Charter Members and Directors of Sunshine Christian League

#HandsOffOurHair : Tell the Sunshine Christian League to let kids PLAY!

We are demanding the Sunshine Christian League:
1. Apologize to Impact Christian Academy players and
2. Immediately change their policies targeting Black children's hair.

Why is this important?

Imagine being a 12-year-old child, excited about the opportunity to play football only to be barred from play by adults, coaches, and mentors because of the way your hair grows out of your head. This is what a group of young kids at Impact Christian Academy in Jacksonville had to experience as they were denied an opportunity to be children playing a children’s game by adults in the Sunshine Christian League who are obsessed with policing Black hair. Instead of focusing on how a child’s hair naturally grows out their heads the Administrators should be concerning themselves with the safety of the players and making sure everyone is having a good time.

Rev. Bruce Armstrong, a charter member of the Sunshine Christian League, even went on to suggest the team simply abandon their friends and teammates if they’re not willing to cut their locs. This callous attitude towards kids looking to play with their friends and classmates is a perfect example of how the adults of the Sunshine Christian League are more concerned with controlling the appearance and expression of these children than instilling to values and lessons of football.

Adults need to stop using our children’s bodies as battlegrounds for their control issues. Tell the Sunshine Christian League to let our kids be kids. Sign now and add your voice today!
Jacksonville, FL, USA

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