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To: Chairwoman Landry & House Education Committee Members

Tell the Louisiana House Education Committee to Support House Bill 372

Since 2003 when the Juvenile Justice Reform Act was passed, FFLIC has been seeking alternatives to suspensions as many parents addressed how their children began their trajectory into prison. We believe the passage of HB 372 can move our state further on ending that trajectory for all the children across Louisiana.

Why is this important?

State laws substantially contribute to the overuse of school suspensions and expulsions in Louisiana, where students can be dismissed for a wide range of minor misbehavior and Black students are far more likely to be penalized.

In the 2013-2014 school year, 61,201 students, including students in grades pre-kindergarten through 5, were suspended out-of-school. Under current state laws, minor infractions have resulted in children losing a tremendous amount of instructional time and falling behind in their academic progress.

School policies on “willful disobedience” are vaguely defined, arbitrarily enforced as a ground for suspension, and disparately used. Black students are suspended at disproportionally higher rate than their white counterparts. Data shows that “willful disobedience” has been used as the reason for 13,535 suspensions in the 2013-2014 school year that includes 8,000 suspensions of children in grades pre-kindergarten to 5.

HB 372 solves the problems of excessive, racially disparate, and arbitrary use of student suspension. While disruptive behavior should be addressed, we need to ensure repercussions are the most beneficial and effective for our children. Alternatives, such as Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports, are not only more effective discipline methods, but they also result in higher attendance rates, improved student behavior, higher academic performance, and more positive overall school climate.



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HB 372 was deferred on yesterday. We hope it will be on the agenda for next week, so please keep emailing and calling your legislator and please keep sending it around until we have over 2,000 signers. If you are a parent with a child that has been suspended and want assistance, please email me at [email protected].

2016-04-26 17:31:13 -0700

CALL: Call each House Education Committee member and let them know that you support HB 372, effective school discipline reform in Louisiana. Urge the representatives to vote in favor of HB 372 when the bill is heard in committee on April 27, 2016. Main Line for House Education Committee (225) 342-2408.

EMAIL: Email each House Education Committee member, subject line should read: Support HB 372. See attached document for sample letter. Make it personal!
TWEET and FACEBOOK: Send tweets to those house members that have handles and encourage them to vote in favor. Use hashtags #LetKidsBeKids #EndSchoolPushouts #SayNo2ZeroTolerance. Please tag us Twitter Handle: @fflicla Facebook: FFLICLA Contact list here:

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