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To: Mayor Muriel Bowser

We Demand Mayor Bowser and the University of the District of Columbia (UDC) Move Classes Online

UPDATE (3/13/20, 1:30pm): Classes have now moved online through April 6th. More information online here:

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) enters the DC area, we, the students, faculty, staff, and friends of the University of the District of Columbia, are alarmed at the lack of communication from the University. On Wednesday, March 11th, Mayor Muriel Bowser declared a state of emergency in the District of Columbia in response to the virus.

Yet at a time when nearly every other DC area college or university has either extended their spring break and/or transitioned to online classes in response to the safety and concern for their students (including, but not limited to: American University, Catholic University, Howard University, Georgetown University, George Washington University, Montgomery College, Prince George’s Community College, and the University of Maryland) for the upcoming weeks, the UDC community is expected to return to campus for in-person instruction on Monday, March 16th.

Furthermore, we have received almost no communication from the University about the future of our classes and schedule.

We recognize that UDC is DC agency and we call on Mayor Bowser to act immediately. We request:

*Prompt and consistent communication from the University,

*Moving classes online through at least April 3rd,

*Technology resources for students in order to support online instruction,

*Support to faculty and staff to efficiently migrate to online courses,

Work from home options for support staff and administrators.

Why is this important?

We state these demands out of concern for the health and safety for ourselves, our families, our fellow classmates, and the faculty and staff at UDC.
Washington, DC, USA

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2020-03-13 08:54:09 -0700

This morning the University announced that:
*Spring Break is extended through March 17, 2020.2.
*Students should not return to campus until April 6,2020.3.
*UDC will shift to online classes and alternate teaching methods through April 6, 2020 (with noted exceptions, see the link below for more info).

Details and more information:

2020-03-12 19:44:08 -0700

500 signatures reached

2020-03-12 18:54:55 -0700

Thank you all for signing and sharing this with your classmates and peers. We received over 300 signatures in less than an hour!

When sharing on instagram and twitter, be sure to tag Mayor Bowser (insta: @mayor_bowser / t: @mayorbowser) and the University (insta: @universityofDC / t: @udc_edu) in your posts and stories.

Stay healthy! In solidarity!

2020-03-12 17:40:58 -0700

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