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To: President-Elect Joe Biden

#BlockGarcetti from Biden Cabinet

Remove Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti from consideration as a Presidential Cabinet appointment.

Why is this important?

Mayor Eric Garcetti has implemented deadly and dangerous policies in Los Angeles that would threaten the safety of the county if taken nationally.

1) VIOLENT, CORRUPT POLICING - Under Garcetti, LAPD has become the most murderous and corrupt police department in the nation. Los Angeles police kill nearly double the number of people when compared to cities like New York, despite having half the population. LAPD has a long history of racism and anti-Blackness, profiling Black people, searching them at a rate that is 4 times that of whites, despite being less likely to have contraband items, and falsely and illegally entering Black and Latinx people into gang databases. Despite their corruption, Garcetti spends as much as 54% of the City's general fund on LAPD. Police are used as a tool of repression; the City is currently being sued for police violence amid the #BlackLivesMatter uprisings after the murder of George Floyd.
2) LARGEST HOMELESS POPULATION IN THE U.S. - It is rumored that Garcetti is being considered for Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, despite the fact that Los Angeles has the largest unhoused population in the nation, with 42,000 people homeless and another 120,000 slated to lose housing in the midst of the pandemic. Rather than providing housing for City residents, Garcetti criminalizes homelessness, using police to engage in massive "sweeps" that dispose of their property, cite, arrest, and even kill unhoused folks.
3) FAILED TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM - An additional post for which Garcetti is being considered is Secretary of Transportation. Los Angeles is known the world over as one of the worst cities on the planet for public transportation, not to mention the worst traffic. As Chair of the Metropolitan Transit Authority, Garcetti has made bus ridership so unaffordable that federal intervention was required. He has used subway systems as a tool of gentrification, slicing through Black and Brown communities and displacing residents for the benefit of real estate developers and white, affluent riders.

These are but three of many reasons that Mayor Garcetti must be blocked from the Presidential Cabinet. Garcetti represents a liberal brand of white-supremacy that preaches "tolerance," but enacts policies that threaten the lives of Black people and people of color. Garcetti has already failed the City of Los Angeles. He must not be allowed to "fail up." Making his dangerous policies national ones could be catastrophic for the nation.


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