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To: Foot Locker, Inc.

Bring Back Spirit of Harlem Mural

The Mural was restored and on public view.

The public mural named ‘Spirit of Harlem‘ has graced the corner of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Blvd. (a.k.a. W. 125th Street) and Frederick Douglass Blvd. in Harlem, NY since 2005. This week it was covered up by a new Footaction store. I want Foot Locker, the parent company of Footaction, to take down the wall and exhibit the mural.

UPDATE: Your participation in this protest has been helpful in getting a positive response from Foot Locker, Inc.
I received an email from Mary Signorino, Director of PR & Communications for Foot Locker, Inc. stating the following:
"We respect and honor Harlem’s rich and diverse history and are committed to preserving and restoring the "Spirit of Harlem" mural that has become a meaningful tribute to that history. We recognize that we disappointed you. It was never our intention to upset those in the community. We have been in touch with the artist, Mr. Delsarte, and will be working with him to make this right."

I also spoke to a representative of the artist, Louis Delsarte, to confirm what Ms. Signorino wrote. She told me that Mr. Desarte is in contact with Foot Locker and that they have invited him to help restore the mural, but there is no firm date yet.

We are getting closer to our demands, but we must stay vigilant. We cannot declare victory until the mural is restored and in full view. Please continue to sign and share this petition.

Why is this important?

The beautiful glass mosaic mural named ‘Spirit of Harlem‘ by the African America artist Louis J. Delsarte was covered up this week with a painted black faux brick wall for a new Footaction store.

Not only does the mural depicts the “Spirit” of the Harlem Renaissance, a cultural movement that still resonates today, but it also speaks to the true spirit of Harlem which is the people of this community.

The mural is still intact behind a faux brick facade. Foot Locker needs to take down the wall that is covering up the mural and allow the mural to continue to delight and inspire the people of Harlem.

Please do not let corporate ignorance erase a beloved public art work which celebrates Harlem's history as an incubator for some our country's and even the world greatest creators of culture and thought.

Tell Foot Locker to respect the Harlem community and bring back the 'Spirit of Harlem' mural. Your customers and neighbors will respond in kind.

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