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To: All Howard Alumni! H. U.!!! Calling all HBCU students, recent graduates & Alumni!

Demand Rachel Campos of FOX News be fired. Demand apology for calling Howard graduates DUMB on air.

Fire Rachel Campos, in addition to demanding a sincere apology to our community & the HBCU world. Start at 12 minutes in.

Why is this important?

Black people are continuously seen and treated as subhuman and second-class citizens around the world, sometimes just visually because our skin is darker, no matter our mannerisms. By many we are assumed to be less or lower, and to some seen as dumb as a race, only athletic, especially if we are not in line with what is considered to be mainstream America thought. Start at 12 minutes in.

To reach people who are insulted & appalled by Rachel’s bold comments and respect education and the brilliance of Black people.

In addition, the issue of white supremacy Rachel was disputing was backed by facts! Her opinion was false, flawed & incorrect! (That’s why Fox calls itself Entertainment Only and not News when their backs are against the wall in court for false reporting. ) The timing of her comments are also particularly an insult to the 4 children & 4 adults killed directly because of admitted White Supremacy last week!

How it will be delivered

Written & Video Communications. Start at 12 minutes in.

Everyone spread and share the issue.



2024-02-11 00:34:15 -0800

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