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To: Oakland Police Commission & the Mayor

Tell the City to adopt policies that keep Oakland safe from police

Tell the City to adopt policies that keep Oakland safe from police

Tell the Oakland Police Commission and the Mayor to adopt these ten policy changes that restrict the use of police and keep Oakland safe:

1. Expand the definition of “use of force” and revise the reporting requirements beyond firearm use.

2. Police should not use any force against people threatening to hurt only themselves.

3. Disarm most police and don’t send armed police for any unarmed conflicts or non-violent situations.

4. Send alternative responders to mental health crises, loitering, noise complaints, and other non-criminal issues.

5. Support state legislation making all allegations of police misconduct public.

6. Cut the police budget and build more quality affordable housing and mental health services.

7. Make the Police Commission, City Council, or Mayor the decider of police disciplinary appeals.

8. Make the police department or individual officers pay the financial costs of their misconduct.

9. Publish detailed data about 911 calls so communities can determine where to reallocate resources.

10. Remove from the force officers with the largest records of misconduct first, when reducing the size of the police force.

The above recommendations are based on the findings of our three-month study about the Oakland Police Department’s use of force. To read the study, go here:

Raheem is the independent service for reporting police in the US working to end police terror against Black people.

Why is this important?

On October 8, 2020, the Oakland Police Commission will vote on a new police use of force policy. Based on the findings of our three-month study, Raheem suggests the City of Oakland make certain policy changes to the laws that govern the Oakland Police Department’s use of force.

Police terror is the consequence of decades of unrelenting state-sanctioned violence levied, especially against Black people by militarized police forces, resulting in high rates of Black death and extreme fear within the Black psyche.

Couple this with the ongoing fact that police officers are very rarely, if ever, held accountable by governments for the senseless killings of Black people, and the presence of police becomes a looming, inescapable threat to Black bodies everywhere.

Any use of the police is a use of force.

Raheem, the independent service for reporting police, was contracted by the City of Oakland to conduct a three-month study about Oaklanders’ experiences with police use of force and what changes they believe should be made to the Oakland Police Department’s use of force policy.

Sign this petition to demand the City of Oakland and The Police Commission adopt Raheem's ten policy recommendations to help keep Oakland safe from police.

How it will be delivered

Raheem is planning a press conference for the week of October 5th. Stay tuned for details. If you're interested in being a partner organization, please email us at