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To: Mayor Eric Garcetti

Fire LAPD Chief Michel Moore

Fire LAPD Chief Michel Moore

Fire Michel Moore as Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Why is this important?

On March 10, 2021 an independent investigation of the Los Angeles Police Department's handling of the 2020 uprisings in the name of #GeorgeFloyd confirmed on-the-ground accounts of rampant police abuse, brutality, and violence levied upon righteous protestors. Hundreds of demonstrators reported injuries; many were beaten, shot with rubber bullets, pepper sprayed, and brutalized to the point of hospitalization. Others were criminalized, held for hours, terrorized, arrested, and abused for daring to raise their voices. This appalling mistreatment has been the basis of several lawsuits, including a class action filed by Black Lives Matter-Los Angeles, Los Angeles Community Action Network, and the National Lawyers Guild.

The recently-released, 101-page report explicitly names Chief Moore's failures to properly plan and, worse, give his "direct approval" of many of the most abusive tactics. We want to be clear: who was harmed are regular people who felt duty-bound to speak out and stand up against police violence. In doing so, they experienced police violence - the very thing that they were protesting. This nation, and Los Angeles in particular, must drive out such brutal forces and those who claim leadership, beginning with the firing of LAPD Chief Michel Moore.

This is not the first or last of Michel Moore's offenses. Prior to the uprisings, Chief Moore was found to have
1. Used a white-supremacist media outlet (Breitbart) to recruit LAPD officer applicants.
2. Enabled anti-Black racism by allowing Black people to be stopped by LAPD at 5 times their population share and searched at 3 times the rate of everyone else.
3. Fostered a culture of corruption under which officers in South Central Los Angeles were found to have illegally and unjustly entered the names of Black and Brown residents into gang databases.
4. Presented internal investigations that repeatedly avoid accountability, including finding that not a single one of the 4862 racial-bias complaints filed by the public was valid.
5. Lobbied each year for LAPD to be awarded more than 50% of the City of Los Angeles’ general fund at the expense of vital city services and resources.
6. Failed to mandate the wearing of masks by LAPD officers, tolerating statements like "COVID isn't real," even after eight LAPD staff have died from the virus.
7. Attempted to shield murderous police officers from disciplinary action, including the officers who killed #GrecharioMack, #AlbertRamonDorsey, who were given rare “out of policy” findings by the Los Angeles Police Commission.

During and since the uprisings, Michel Moore has:
8. Stated that protestors were just as responsible for the death of #GeorgeFloyd as were the officers who killed him. Asserting that protestors were “capitalizing” off Floyd’s death, and that “his death is on their hands as much as it is those officers [who killed him].”
9. Created a culture where officers were enabled to circulate a "Valentine Card" with a despicable reference to Mr. Floyd and the words "you take my breath away."
10. Refused to disclose or publicly hold to account the LAPD officers who participated in the failed coup on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.
11. Compared Black Lives Matter to the right-wing extremist group the Proud Boys, stating that both “represent ideology that’s counter to this democracy.”
12. Colluded with member(s) of the Board of Police Commissioners (Steve Soboroff) on votes and positions taken by the supposed oversight body.
13. Lied on the record about the number of traffic stops made in South Central Los Angeles in 2021, stating that the number was 74, when the actual recorded number was 639.

Over his nearly 3 years as Chief, Michel Moore has established a horrendous record of mismanagement, corruption, and brutality, which has had a particularly brutal impact on Black communities. It is imperative that he be immediately removed as Chief for both his most recent and longstanding pattern of abuse.

Link to 3/10/2021 independent investigation:

Los Angeles, CA, USA

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Reasons for signing

  • I support black lives matter movement. Signed By: Candis Shereece Swinney & Baby Israel Rawlinson Passee Mother & Son
  • After thinking long and hard, I have finally decided to SIGN this Petition on calling Chief of Police of the Los Angeles Police Department to RESIGN after witnessing the event that unfolded in Los Angeles after the LAPD Bomb Squad decided to "blow up" the illegally seized Fireworks in a Residential neighborhood without thinking about the residents who are mostly low-income. This was completely unnecessary and unacceptable.
  • Because freedom of speech should not be for people you agree with only, and black lives matter is a movement for all of us as the goal is a more just justice system starting at the ground level with the police.


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