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To: City Council

Fund Public Transit: People of the City

Properly fund public transit with regular routes on main streets in order for Black communities to thrive equally.

Why is this important?

Underfunding public transportation forces poor residents to own a car in order to work, shop, or take their children to school. With proper funding and regular routes along main streets the city can benefit Black communities by making it much less expensive to live here. If public transportation is properly funded, then more working citizens in the Black community will have access to quality education for their children and a more stable living condition altogether. We need proper funding for everyone, for the city to operate better at large. Support this petition for a good example of a powerful narrative that highlights an impact on the Black community.

How it will be delivered

As a resident of this town and an active member of this community, with family and friends who use public transportation just as much if not more than I do, I am representing my family and others who are concerned that our people are not being treated fairly. With more people drawing attention to and supporting this petition, our voice can only grow stronger. There is much power in numbers, and the City Council will thereby hear our voices.



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