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To: City of Palmdale Sheriff Department

Justice for Robert Fuller’s Lynching

This campaign has ended.

We’re demanding justice for Robert Fuller by way of assuring thourough investigation and evidence of homicide versus suicide in his case. We also want the department of investigations to be held accountable for any misconduct of practices in early investigation ruling his death as “suicide”.

Why is this important?

Robert Fuller was found lynched on Monday, June 8th.
A passerby noticed a man, later identified as Robert L. Fuller, hanging from a tree in Palmdale, California. Palmdale city described it as "an alleged death by suicide." Fire department personnel who responded to the scene determined he was dead on arrival.
The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department issued a statement. “That they are fully cooperative in investigation process.”
What we do know is; where Robert Fuller was hung there happened to be no surveillance cameras in the area! It is our hope his death isn’t racially driven but until then we will treat it as such! We want to bring justice to Robert Fuller and his family!

Also call DA Matthew Ditzhazy at: 661-267-5108.
Demanding justice!

How it will be delivered

Petition will be emailed to District Attorney’s Office of Palmdale.

First 250 signatures were delivered to Mr.Ditzhazy on 6/16/20. Investigation still ongoing.

Palmdale, CA, USA

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