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To: Governor of Florida, State Representatives, State Senators, Mayor Bob Buckhorn, Police Chief of Tampa, Hillsborough County Commission, City of Tampa Council, Plant City Commission, Plant City Manager, Plant City Mayor and Vice Mayor

Police Accountability and Transparency NOW

Police Accountability and Transparency NOW

On 7/15, the Restorative Justice Coalition et. al released comprehensive demands to the Plant City Police for transparency and accountability after they shot and killed a man in distress, who had called 911. On 7/27, Plant City responded with an unacceptable, lackluster response. We expect these demands to be heard and a full mode of accountability and transparency be implemented. On 8/8, after incidents extended into Tampa Police Department, we are now extending these demands to the Tampa Police Department.

For a full, detailed description of these demands, please go to:

For brevity, here is the short-hand of demands:
We, the above demanders, hereby demand that the above served comply with our critical demands in response to the slaying of civilians and more violence and corruption by our municipal police. As a coalition of activists with a strong love for all humanity, we believe that restorative justice, and not execution, is the only way in which the citizenry of this nation should be handled. We DEMAND:
An immediate, independent review by a federal department on any and all cases forward involving death or hospitalization until a full, competent independent citizen review board is implemented.
Immediate release of all evidence on the case to the public involving our publicly paid officials, such as videos from the scene of aforementioned incidents, statements and testimonies.
An independent civilian review board composed of people nominated by the people.
The usage of body cameras and dashboard cameras by all police officers.
Intentional and regular implicit bias training.
Rigorous cultural competency training as composed, reviewed, revised and administered by expert groups. (Such as Black Lives Matter)
Create, implement and enforce immediate and intentional policies to stop the usage of deadly force by law enforcement.
The repeal of The Florida Law Enforcement Bill of Rights.

Learn more:

Why is this important?

We believe that if police departments are truly ethical and serving the public, they should have no problem creating true, iron-clad systems of accountability and transparency.

Protecting the public, and not the interest of the institution of policing, is our primary concern and on behalf of all concerned citizens within this country, county and city, we will continue to fight until these reasonable, sensible demands are met.

How it will be delivered

Physically to their offices and electronically

Hillsborough County, FL, United States

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Reasons for signing

  • We don't need tanks ! We need to cover our asses by each cop to wear video cameras !
  • justice should be color blind.
  • We don't know why the victim behaved as he did. Sometimes in fear we don't think clearly. Officers need to be trained in de-escalation.


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424 signatures and going strong! Let's continue to support police transparency and accountability within all cities and counties in our state!

2017-12-04 08:29:34 -0800

Come visit us at Bruton Memorial Library in Plant City at 7pm, as we discuss the Control The Patrol campaign in detail.

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Wow, 244 signatures! Let's keep the energy up and close out August with over 400 signatures!

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We are amping up and now taking our actions further to the City of Tampa.

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